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Company played hookie to throw a carnival. I am pre-emptively making no apologies for being overly-matchy with the shirt and PS.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims ^ Don't worry. Creases are not everything The tie's colour is fine in theory, but needs more definition to keep from vanishing into the shirt, such as a dotted pattern There is a very subtle pattern to it.
These pants just refuse to hold a crease...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Haven't worn this Spano in a while and have never taken good pics of it. I wanted to try it today because I have been considering passing it along. It is a little long. I also can see that it was altered by my tailor before we had "the formula" down....i.e. note the too long sleeves and the little cuffs. All, fixable of course...... Anyway, have a good one! Mike [[SPOILER]] Moment of truth!
I just iron my shirts after every wearing. The steam probably kills most of the particularly virulent bacteria. The rest is just gravy. Fungal gravy.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I think the double forward pleats look great. I still think buttoning point is your issue. If that button was an inch lower... It's definitely an improvement. Second time to the tailor, first time they looked like this: [[SPOILER]] He tapered them much too aggressively the first time, and they were billowing in the hips like riding pants. I think the second time around is about as good as it's going to get. I agree on the...
Still not sold on the pants. I think it's an improvement, but I don't think pleated pants flatter me at all. Top and bottom are the same colour. Lighting was off.
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew Hella steezy.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Is that almost a smile, Mike? Frownz 4 lyfe!
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL Got my Camel Linen today - I like the fit, no QC problems. Sorry, the suit is right out of the box so rather wrinkly. Y'know, I've been following a lot of your reviews and experience with Indochino. Personally, the overall feeling I get is that you basically have to tell them "please don't make me an Indochino suit". Wider lapels, a longer jacket, and more room all-around. I feel like I would love to...
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