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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Okay, I'll try. Well, I've looked. What I think is as follows: Damn that's one effing ugly piece of crap. I told you, that suit has powers. Horrible, horrible powers.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS A sentence without slang or an expletive? Bravo, young man! There are times I can bring out the best in the worst. You've got it backwards. Don Cherry brings out the worst in the best. Take a good look at that suit again, and I mean really take it in. Now, I want you to immediately write down your thoughts. Done? Good. If what you wrote is anything more than incomprehensible gibberish or a...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Poor schooling I take it? Clearly. You parsed that sentence all wrong. I believe you meant "Poor schooling: I take it."
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Do you speak English? Yes. Although I'm not particularly familiar with your dialect. You're speaking Prick, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by evolsty Canada's highest paid public employee right there. I hope to hell he buys his own suits out of that salary. I believe he wore that same suit when he swore in Toronto's new mayor, Rob Ford, conferring dignity on the office and the conservatism both men profess to support. Ugh, how embarrassed am I to be Canadian right now? In fairness, if I was asked to swear in Rob Ford, there's a pretty good chance I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 I wonder, when Don Cherry visits his tailor, does he just say "please fuck everything up"? Like, does he just go in and request that absolutely every last detail of everything he buys be as wrong as humanly possible? I mean what in the name of all that is fuck!?
Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 In this case it is just a poor craftsmanship. This is guy is not that crippled to not to make it possible to match patterns on the lapels. It doesn't look like there is much more than 1/4" difference between one side and the other. Hardly what I would call a 'crippled' asymmetry, which, incidentally, was a rather insensitive choice of words. Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 Good reason not to...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier It's a sack suit. Leave the waist be for now. And when you get the sleeves finished, just have buttons sewn on; don't waste your money on real buttonhole. If you want the authentic BBBF look, have only two buttons sewn on each sleeve. Forget what I said then.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi EAP.... is that shirt pink or blue??? Those two pics look so different, lol. God damn iPhone! It takes such lovely pictures outdoors... It's actually lavender, and so is the PS.
Quote: Originally Posted by JS1357 Also as you may notice, people on this forum tend to like traditional details like cuffs.... Are you not 'on this forum' or something? You keep talking like you're some third party who is somehow excluded from, and above all the hustle and bustle of SF. Are you somehow posting on SF via Fark or something? The back is very messy, the lapels are very narrow, the button-point is too high, the sleeves are too...
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