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delete please
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris It's authentic, but old. Probably mid 90's. +1.
"Done nothing wrong"? Disgraceful as far as I am concerned. I no longer buy RJ anyway (have 3 suits and over 75 ties) ... now grossly overpriced, the once beautiful aesthetics dulled by the covert and rampant hunger of greed.
There is a lot of ugliness in this thread... and none too much of it in the original pic ;-)
Excel. End of story.
Listening to it now. Never a big GnR fan (though did LOVE "Civil War" and "Appetite for Destruction Album" esp. "Nightrain") and I didn't buy the album ;-) but this album is good albeit overdone. Excellent tracks inlcude "There Was a Time" and "Scraped" and there's some good stuff on "Riad 'N The Bedouins" but there are also some duds ("This I Love" and "Catcher In The Rye"). Still doesn't seem to have gotten over his girlfriend either. I've sort of grown accustomed to his...
Quote: Originally Posted by sydneycentric ... People spending exorbitant amounts of money because they believe that by doing so they are purchasing top quality products. Truer than you think! ;-) I personally know of 4 x 100 ASX-listed CEO's who shop there also. Dated a very hot chick there years ago (heard some good stories about people, sorry "clients" who came in) - sadly, we never did tango among Harrolds Kiton Super 180 suit fabrics...
I wear suits every day to work. I presently have about 33 suits but only wear half of them on a rotational basis. They come in a mix of fabrics, styles, weights, cololurs, etc. All except two are fully canvassed. I never wear the same suit in the same two weeks. I also rarely dry clean. I recently lost a lovely 1980s Brioni suit that finally could not be rescusitated any longer (pants falling apart at the crotch)...sent jacket to Vinnies (someone got a great navy...
Around 2000 and 2001 I used to post on other menswear and fashion fora (I can't veen remember their names now) and they recommended SF and AAAC. So joined both around 2003 ...as the others went under!
Yes, and found it easier than I thought - and less boring than I thought! There's some great stuff in there. Also read the Koran, Upanishads, full Kama Sutra, Satanic Bible, The Tanakh, largely out of my interest in religious studies and university studies in philosophy. I've also read Proust's A la rechereche du temps perdu (and everything else he has written that has been translated into English including short stories and Jean Santeuil), perhaps the single greatest...
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