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Some fading can be seen here: http://blog.weargustin.com/post/66289544744/what-we-wear-stephen-powell And here: Japan Standard The Heavy (from the above link): Basically, the fading takes a while...so because of that there aren't a lot of fade pics out there for Gustin. As time passes, I'm sure there will be plenty available.
Not to sound like a fanboy, but there are other factors involved in the fades outside of the denim itself. Namely how the person went about it...
Shoutout to @schmidtdalton13 for a great trade on some Bally treads. I appreciate you, man!
Screw the jacket, did you use a curling iron on that collar? G'damn son!
BOB also stands for, "Big Ole Bitch". So it could make a nice gift for someone you may or may not know.
What's even more strange is that they bought it at PC. That place has a list of brands that they accept, and the list they don't. I've had a lot of BR and J Crew get turned down because they are "too mature" for their shoppers.
I'd be curious about the number of buyers in Canada. I doubt it would even move the profit margin needle to increase the shipping. This isn't a slight toward our Canuckistan residents, just wondering.
I doubt it as well, especially since they don't do it with their other items.
These are absolutely fantastic.
Agree on the belt. I will say this though, those are perfect shoes for your first go at sockless. Shirt looks pretty cool, but I like one more roll on those sleeves...just my thing.
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