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I love that site. That's how I found SF.
Shout out to @tben for a really great trade. Thanks brother (say it like the Hulkster)!
I realize that not everyone has the opportunity, but the Gustin mobile site is really good. If there's something you don't want to miss out on, use your phone to buy!One question for @joshgustin, what was the last thing that didn't get backed 100%. I can't remember seeing anything that wasn't.
The fact that Butler asked for deets on someone's gear is just....
Okay cool, thanks for that.
Where did you see that? I haven't seen that anywhere on their site, or this thread.
Maiden voyage for this cotton SC by Robert Graham of all labels, and white slim chinos by BB. Spring has arrived.
I've been eyeballing that thing for a while. I think I'm just about to purchase mode. Looks really good.
Hahaha! Beat me to it ya bastage.
@Snoogz You bet man! I'm glad you picked that up, great jacket. Texted you about that DB you posted. Right in my wheelhouse size-wise
New Posts  All Forums: