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Those Nikes remind me of the old Air Moab. Such an awesome shoe.
Those remind me of the old Air Moab. Such an awesome shoe.
I've been gone a while with the new career rolling full steam ahead, but....Holy shit, The Artist Formerly Known As Spoozy is back! Looking really sharp man, as always.
Hey fellas, I'm looking for a fairly recent and slimmer cut navy suit. No DB, and I prefer a softer shoulder. Make is not a huge deal, but the wimpy lapels are a no-go for me. Flat front preferred as well. I'm not afraid to pay above thrift + profit, so get at me. Shoulder to shoulder 18" Chest 40" Sleeve 33" Waist 33" Inseam 30"
OK, so I got the Brushed Back Super Lights in yesterday, and they are as advertised. They are going to kick so much ass for the summer it's not funny. It gets over 110 here pretty easy, and not that I'll be wearing denim in those temps, but just for reference. The BBSL are a great summer weight, really soft right out of the envelope, and the brushed weft threads are insane, seriously like flannel pajamas. There's a little bit of stretch to them due to how light they...
Greatest thread of all time.
This! I'd love a duck canvas in a 5-pocket pant.
Thanks man, it was such a great day of hiking the Valley Loop Trail...we did 7.5 miles and it was exactly as you said, spiritual.
How about you chuckledomes take this to PM instead of shitting up the Gustin thread.
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