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How about you chuckledomes take this to PM instead of shitting up the Gustin thread.
That thing is awesome.
Added props for having the minerals to wear a bowtie AND gigantic buckle.
Look at this fly motherfucker! I agree with ya @in stitches. Triple patch, and a super soft shoulder with that pattern is screaming for a casual fit. UC delivers in spades.
Excellent...I'm finding it very difficult to find duck canvas pants in cuts that I like. Gustin slim works really well for me, so that would be a huge win. As it is, many places are sold out of their duck pants when I do find one that I'd consider.
This is really good man, not many can make a lapel pin look sedate and understated. I think it really adds to this fit. Grey shoes = next level.
This tie is awesome.And for those of you who miss @DerekS...This tie is the fucking hog's balls!
@joshgustin I'd really like to see a denim cut in the duck canvas. And since it's a wish-list item, the below color is the goods.
I really need to get a pair of wholecuts...
I really like it. I need to have some adjustments made to this jacket, but the fabric is why I can justify the expense of having them done. Great three season wool.
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