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Oh quit your whining. Either take the 30 seconds to create an account, or get your information elsewhere.
Open, untucked.
Love the Killshot 2s. My next casual sneaker without fail.
The tag on that jacket is really distracting. Love those boots.
Happy Friday lads... LBM Brooks Red Fleece Suit Supply AE belt and shoes J Crew chinos
I've been drinking the following blended in a 2:1 mix:Kenya Nyeri Rukira PeaberryIndia Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain PeaberryThe Kenyan alone is really good, but man once I blended these two, it became next level stuff. More of an earthy mouth feel to it when the Pearl Mountain was added. But the brown sugar finish stayed present. Awesome stuff.
Same build basically. I use cold/cold, hand wash settings for the washer and hang dry.
@rnguy001 If you wear a slim Medium in J Crew, I'd stick with Medium in this as well. That's what I did. I have 33.5" arm length, 18" shoulders, and a 40" chest for reference. If you have very similar numbers I'd say you're good with Medium. The armholes are cut rather high, so if your chest is any bigger, you might do better with a large. Just some thoughts.
Dat sangwich!
I love the heavyweight! Insanely sturdy belt. I'm 5'10" at 165.
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