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Same build basically. I use cold/cold, hand wash settings for the washer and hang dry.
@rnguy001 If you wear a slim Medium in J Crew, I'd stick with Medium in this as well. That's what I did. I have 33.5" arm length, 18" shoulders, and a 40" chest for reference. If you have very similar numbers I'd say you're good with Medium. The armholes are cut rather high, so if your chest is any bigger, you might do better with a large. Just some thoughts.
Dat sangwich!
I love the heavyweight! Insanely sturdy belt. I'm 5'10" at 165.
Red selvedge chambray and Cone Pima Fires. Just need Gustin kicks and I'll be set! Not seen, Heavyweight belt.
I just wanted to give my quick thoughts on the Red Selvedge Chambray shirt fit. This was not the slim fit, just the standard fit. As has been mentioned prior, it fits very similar to the J Crew slim cuts shirts, with the minor exception of higher armholes. What I found surprising was the softness of the fabric, and the substantial nature of it. It wasn't as slubby as I thought it would be, which is fine for me. It's a bit thicker as well and will be a great fall shirt...
Bullshit. That vest is badass, and the reason it is badass is because it is orange.
I have been wearing mine for six months before washing them. With the Cone Pima Fire, I saw minimal shrinkage on the inseam (
Hey thrift ninjas, I'm looking for a couple of fairly specialized items. I kayak fish, so I'm looking for a Dry Top (waterproof, not sprayproof), and Dry Pants. Medium is preferred for both items, but I can probably swing a large. Here are some examples: Dry Top Dry Pants Hit me back if you find anything like these. Thanks!
I would totally thumb this, because cooking with peppers and sausage is an auto-thumb...but dude, no self-respecting man cooks without a cast iron skillet.
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