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Look at this fly motherfucker! I agree with ya @in stitches. Triple patch, and a super soft shoulder with that pattern is screaming for a casual fit. UC delivers in spades.
Excellent...I'm finding it very difficult to find duck canvas pants in cuts that I like. Gustin slim works really well for me, so that would be a huge win. As it is, many places are sold out of their duck pants when I do find one that I'd consider.
This is really good man, not many can make a lapel pin look sedate and understated. I think it really adds to this fit. Grey shoes = next level.
This tie is awesome.And for those of you who miss @DerekS...This tie is the fucking hog's balls!
@joshgustin I'd really like to see a denim cut in the duck canvas. And since it's a wish-list item, the below color is the goods.
I really need to get a pair of wholecuts...
I really like it. I need to have some adjustments made to this jacket, but the fabric is why I can justify the expense of having them done. Great three season wool.
I don't believe in hard, fast rules a lot of the time. But I saw this pic and it made me wonder how valid it was. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
Greetings lads. BB SC and PS RLPL Tie Borrelli Shirt Dingman belt J Crew pantaloons AE
Oh quit your whining. Either take the 30 seconds to create an account, or get your information elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: