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Wool chino would be a lot more attractive to me personally. Much more versatile when it comes to work/play. If we're talking about $200-300 for a pair of pants, I'd really need to get a lot of options out of them.
I can't think of anywhere to put this insane freaking discovery. I was bouncing around tumblr and stumbled across a pic of this, and damn-near lost my mind. @SpooPoker immediately came to mind. Even at $115,000 you'll notice it's out of stock. Mind, blown. Burberry Alligator Trenchcoat Carry on.
Been a while boys, tons of cotton with a bit of linen thrown in today. Brooks Brother SC and Chinos, J Crew square, Hilfiger shirt, AE Weybridge, Pantherella, Martin Dingman belt.
@dcg It's built for the more waify Parisians apparently.
Seriously? If you need a shirt to fit perfectly off the rack, then buy MTM. They have to produce for the masses, or they wouldn't sell very many. They just implemented this cut, and it just so happens that the work shirts were released right when they released the new cut. Be patient, or start working that chest out at the gym.
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This is such an awesome shirt man, great pickup.
This jacket is so dreamy it's not even funny. Love it, and the orange stripes with it.
Not a regular contributor to this thread, but I thought these were appropriate: J Crew Linen, Robert Talbott BoC x2 J Crew is linen, and the BoC are wool/silk blend. Here are some close-ups on the BoC since the fabric is awesome.
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