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Dibs on doodads if size M or 38R. I've been looking for some of those for a while now.
@Sartorialist, it's time you set the woman down.
Only if the water is really cold.
Did you thrift the river, or the whole city? Neither would surprise me.
Some fading can be seen here: http://blog.weargustin.com/post/66289544744/what-we-wear-stephen-powell And here: Japan Standard The Heavy (from the above link): Basically, the fading takes a while...so because of that there aren't a lot of fade pics out there for Gustin. As time passes, I'm sure there will be plenty available.
Not to sound like a fanboy, but there are other factors involved in the fades outside of the denim itself. Namely how the person went about it...
Shoutout to @schmidtdalton13 for a great trade on some Bally treads. I appreciate you, man!
Screw the jacket, did you use a curling iron on that collar? G'damn son!
BOB also stands for, "Big Ole Bitch". So it could make a nice gift for someone you may or may not know.
What's even more strange is that they bought it at PC. That place has a list of brands that they accept, and the list they don't. I've had a lot of BR and J Crew get turned down because they are "too mature" for their shoppers.
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