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Dude!!! those are ridic!!!! What are those shoes????
Are your RLPL cords still for sale?
Helluva deal, thanks for listing.
Are these still for saile? What price? Pics didn't come through...
Am I allowed to ask what this sold for please?
Amazing prices, you still have the RL CF 15x34 yellow stripe?
None of this stuff is my size but DAMN you did a good job w/ the pics. Lighter is tempting, that thing looks sick.
Dude, the suits are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. How would you compare this to Dolce black label? That's my favorite suit that I own. Is this fused, half or full canvass? Thanks man.
Hey great case great price, I'm a little new here. What does bump mean? What is threadshitting? Lol
Pics of the theory suit?
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