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Favorite: Vacheron, Patek, Chronoswiss, Least Favorite: Current Rolex & Zenith, Cartier (except the new tourbillon).
+1 I like this one better. The sartorialist sometimes goes a little too far on "fashion" leaving style aside. I'm glad I found this link. http://sciamat.wordpress.com/
PG, Mao Mao, Neo, LK.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese 30 - 60 minutes daily (non work related). + 1 almost always before going to sleep.
chapter 1 in on youtube.
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin The GT-R is 90% computer, 10% driver. Not saying it isn't a beast, there isn't much to respect about jamming on the gas pedal and letting the car drive itself. Now this, this is real driving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Tho...x=0&playnext=1 wow, good driver.
24 until november, but look younger.
Rayuela by Julio Cortázar.
just finished " The dead of Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes".
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