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Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte My personal rule is briefcase when wearing a suit or sport coat and messenger when not. Strap crumples a jacket. +1, to use a brifcase in a casual enviroment is not the ideal.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday You could probably make your own if you found enough pairs of granny panties.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I agree. There's something about the extremely muscular, ugly, girl with a boy haircut thing that just doesn't do it for me. + 1, she's too "macho".
Derecho de Réplica by Carlos Ahumada.
single monk for more formal meetings, double monk for a casual look. But I prefer double monks, maybe is because I have been looking at japanese blogs all day.
I do not support cheating, I´ve only cheated once, and I was like 17 years, so I'm not a serial cheater, but I'm with the idea of keep it to yourself, and deny it always. The idea of telling your girl that you cheated on her, you felling a "relief", and your girl forgiving you and living happy ever after is only for the movies.
I keep my knit ties in a drawer and the rest of them in 2 tie-racks from sharper image.
I believe that in comparation with your previous outfits, this is an improvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by enjoiii I'd hit it. + 1
I drive a 2006 TL and it's a great car. My father used to drive it but then he bought a cadillac cts 2009 and passed the acura to me, he says he prefers the acura over the cadillac, but as the cadillac is new he can't go back. The service is great, when I take the car to service they lend me a 09 demo until my car is ready, I don´t know in the Us but that's not common in Mexico. I think you can't miss if you buy the acura.
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