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Just saw that pen today and really liked it, but I know nothing about pens. Is it worth it ? My dad insist that I should get a Montblanc or a Cartier, but he knows nothing about pens, he just go with the publicity and with the "known" brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by buyer's remorse i also find it hilariously ironic (but not surprising at the same) that someone who whines and complains so much about design also looks like complete shit. i can't help but think he's just mad that he's not getting the business he want. what a sore loser! p.s. perhaps he could learn a thing or two about dressing the part from this messageboard. and why the hell is he so goddamn fat? +1, I...
Great choice, waiting to see the pics.
Los cómplices del presidente by Anabel Hernández.
"6 1/2 D, which pretty much guarantees nobody but me will ever be able to wear them." I can wear them.
+1, conne's got owned, I wasn't expeceting that answer from foo.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Wow! Just, Wow!! You win today's internet. +1 When I grow up I wanna be like you, only a little bit taller and with a better haircut.
El regreso del PRI by Carlos Ramírez.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 No pocket. +1
20 minutes.
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