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Quote: Originally Posted by MatthewTH so i recently joined a new gym, and am swimming laps 3 days a week, and also doing cardio - eliptical:recently had ACL surgery.....how much toning is this going to do? i'm currenty at a 32-33 inch waist, but love handles have got the best me. will the swiming help lose fat? i don't want to gain anymore muscle mass...thanks! to know what distance you swim and in what time could be helpful.
I own a pair of vilebrequin's and are great, but some designs are a little too over the top.
Molton Brown's " ultra light bai ji hydrator" is great for me.
corporate lawyer in mexico
silve tongue javier sweetnes jajaja nice one
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy My $0.02: If your parents still treat you like a damn child, move away. If they now see you as an adult with responsibilities, and they treat you like an adult, and you like each other, live with them if you like. +1
+1 gangster No.1
nike free 7.0
I'm gettin made a grey pinstripe bespoke suit , other than that, the usual brown shoes and watches.
my first bespoke suit. propably soft gray with chalkstripes.
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