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is the topas carry-on worth the price?? i`m between that one, a rimowa salsa deluxe or a tumi vapor
Quote: Originally Posted by Dac Always liked seeing the quality living in Hannibal. +1, his palazzo in Florence.
I live in Monterrey, but I travel to Mexico City twice a month. I'll be checking this thread
Great thread
rest in peace.
Greg, for your work in Haiti. I need that JLC.
6.- Hannibal by Thomas Harris: Excellent book to know better the mind of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, and much much better than the movie. 7.- Rue des Boutiques Obscures by Patrick Mondiano: An interesting novel about a man that knows nothing about his past and his adventure on trying to find it.
+ 1, what happend to kishida days, they post only videos now??? Thanks for the esquire link
# 5.- Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.
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