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Someone just popped up in my newsfeed as having liked an article titled "18YearOldHasOrgasmOnWebcam." I don't think that was intentional. I think he works at a church.
I'm having trouble finding a Christmas present for my wife. She doesn't like diamonds or roses. Last year, I got her some sweatpants from JCrew, and she really loved that. She's not dumpy or anything, though. Maybe I can get picture frame.
Any code for The Class Room today?
Anyone know of a site with Rogue Territory on sale? I know RGT's site is offering 30% off on +$250, but I really just want one pair of jeans. Thanks in advance.
I try to buy solely Made in USA goods. For some basics, it doesn't make sense for me (eg, AA tees do not fit me well), but I definitely go out of my way to buy well-made American products. My msot recent purchases have been a Filson bag and Raleigh jeans. It's more difficult to find American-made shirting that is not exorbitant (I am not rich, and do have to consider my purchases). But it's worth it to me, because I get an excellent product that will last me a long time,...
Hi, did a search but did not find anything relevant, so... Due to an accident, I need to use orthopedic inserts in my footwear. However, most stylish shoes do not have a removable insert, or make room for one. I'm hoping to find some shoes along the lines of Yuketen, Oak Street Bootmakers, etc. that would take an orthopedic insert. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
How about the lanyard by itself?
I know no one's asked about them, but I'm 2 months in to my Rogue Territory Steves, and from the moment I put them on I've been in love. The denim feels delicious, the fit is perfect for my athletic frame, and they just feel solid. Breaking in nicely while retaining solid feeling, and starting to see some some fades coming through (wallet and chapstick).
good luck, but you dropped the ball. your document should have looked something like this: 1. -------- 2. -------- 3. ???? 4. Profit! from what I hear, businesses love profit.
dear do they make them so perfect.
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