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At a very high level, a lot of the "gotchas"/pitfalls have to do with everything that your current firm does for you that you don't think about (as you mentioned, statement of work/contract, plus the accounting, HR, etc, etc, etc).
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Giant oversized pictures. Shoes look black to me, are you sure they're brown? Also, this is not a manufacturer defect; you'd be lucky to get anything from AE.
Thanks Stu - that's more in line with how I think - I don't think 2 years of experience ties me down to accounting. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do..I've got to be able to leverage some of the skills I've gained into a non-accounting business job.
Thanks for the advice guys..I'm still just shocked that the assumption is that everyone who starts in accounting never leaves it, or can't be good at anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by passingtime You need some idea of what you want to do before you get much further. I would stay where you are at the moment until you make that decision then try to get on projects that give you experience in that area. You are going to have difficulties explaining to anyone why the should hire you until you have a story. This question is not meant to be antagonistic, just want to know why the classic line of...
I knew that would be an early question; I omitted the reasoning in order to be succinct, but: I have a non-business bachelor's - the MBA was (I thought at the time) the quickest and easiest route to be CPA-eligible and get into Big4.
All, Your advice is much appreciated - I'm a bit confused as to where to take my career now. I'm about to hit 2 years with a Big4 firm (advisory, not audit or tax). I (expect) to get promoted the 2nd half of this year. I have my MBA from a top 40 school (but nowhere near top 20). It's not being utilized in my current role. I've only passed 2 sections of the CPA, and I'm not really interested in staying in accounting very long; problem is, I'm not exactly...
Hate to recall attention to my pg 11 post, but the only way I'll get better is with some feedback! Any thoughts?
I was feeling real goofy this AM getting dressed..can't wait to read any comments on this combo...
prajna12 - bought a tie from him, and he shipped very quickly and the product was received exactly as described. Quick and easy to deal with - would buy from again. Great seller.
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