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Congradulations!!!!! i just got married 4 months ago and you have SO much to look forward to. the wedding day was the best day of my life. My wife and I just went to Maui for Valentines day and loved it. The road to Hanna was long and annoying but worth it. the 7 sacred pools and the waterfall at the top was AMAZING! there is also a stop before Hanna that has black sand beaches, caves you can swim in and blow holes. really cool. There alot of shaved ice shops that...
I agree with jet, Im sure she's an amazing person but thats not the way I want a girl to dress. There is no sex appeal in that outfit.
They look great with boots. Cool boots by the way. But I do see the issue here now he can't show off his yellow hello kitty socks.
Looks like 2 for the deep v-neck and 2 against. ma1's reply was inconclusive...but now we all know that he believes douchbags are very resilient people. Its a tie. We need more opinions please.
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum it sucked that there was dialogue.....could have been a good movie. Haha great reply!
I wore this shirt out last night and got a bunch of compliments but one person said they thought it was too low on the v-neck. I think it looks good. What do you think?
Sorry but the way too big polo shirt is not a good look. It makes the person wearing it look even skinnier. Plus the sleeves are down by your elbow, and that last picture with the polo shirt buttoned to the top is the worst. If your skinny and 5'7 you should never get anything bigger then a size small. If your against t-shirts, mabye you should try a v-neck. They look trendy and should be more fitted.
I love those boots! Friedson Bros were my favorite, but liked them all.
Just saw "crazy heart" with Jeff Bridges on HBO.... meh. just ok, there was really no rise and fall of intenesity. I like my slow character driven movie like the next guy. but this had no build at all!
@Gibonius I was not in any way trying to be dogmatic. sorry i came off that way. @sho*nuff Great idea to drink pellegrino instead of diet soda. Even though diet sodas look ok because of the low calories it still has alot of bad stuff that will make you gain wieght. There is still fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, phosphoric acid and other ingrediant that your body actually recognizes as toxic. Your livers two biggest functions are to filter out toxins from your...
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