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Yeah, I figured Levis would have something like that. I checked out revolve and levis online, but couldn't find what I was looking for. However, I do know the online levis usually holds out a lot so I'm going to check their outlet store later today. Thanks for the advice.
Anyone know where I can find a cheaper alternative to this? From this site... It's an A.P.C. X Carhartt collab, but I'm just looking for a navy canvas with some type of fur (or fur-like) lining that shows on the collar. Seems simple, but I've only found that and something that sort of looks like it that from Old Navy that I really don't like at all.  
Meh, my wg stainless are too small. I don't think my thighs are that large... Too bad because they are gorgeous. Standing straight up (not flexing), the thickest part of my thighs measure 22 1/2 inches around. Around the thickest part of my ass, 32 1/2 inches. Where my pants generally sit on the waist, 32 inches. Unfortunately I have short legs (29 inseam) and my calves are not large so they don't factor in my measurements. I have a pair of APC NS which, I'd say, has...
Twins? Monster props. My dog gets on my nerves from time to time, and she's disciplined and loving. Can't imagine having two kids of the same age.
Come back with how they fit. The first photo looks horrid. Not sure why you wouldn't reshoot to at least get a more flattering look.
Bought the 29 stainless from Gilt. Hope they fit...
I don't know about TF, but my 28 NS's are tight around the thigh. Largest part is 22 inches around my thigh for reference. I'm 5'9", 150, 30 waist.As in, I can fit my phone in my pocket, but I don't want to because it will permanently leave phone shape in my thigh - tightness. I've worn it for well over a year. Actually, I bought it off here so I can get a better date. Feb 28, 2009... Over two years, apparently. About a year wear, I'd say, so it's done stretching.
You have shiny shoes and I like your speaker.
Quote: Originally Posted by bye4now122 How do these ones fit? What size are you in... sperry I'm curious about this
I have had the card case #1 and swivel keyhook #1 for about 4 months now. Great quality. I'll take my crappy iphone pics tomorrow and edit this post. Free bump.
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