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Unfortunately I don't drink coffee most of the time, but I have a 10-cylinder Bull from Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy.
I apologise to whoever that has an issue with the photo size that I have posted. I will resize them on my following post. I didn't know it will affect most members as I am running on a 30" inch display with 2560x1600 resolution.First of all, I never put the price tag with the photos I posted, apparently it is people like you that goes around speculating about the price. Secondly, I never came here with a superior attitude, as I said earlier everyone is free to have their...
Oh, sorry about that, didn't notice it was a blog link since its so tiny. So you like ASOS and Uniqlo? No wonder people like you never made it to premium and influential designers. What you appreciate and blog about is probably someone else's design that was probably innovated or replicated by your favourite brands, ie. Asos.And you expect me to take your opinion from a half empty blog? Is this a joke?
You are free to have your own opinion, however you look at it is your own personal view.I have my own opinions on how I would like to show my recent purchases, so do you.Therefore if you act like a dick to me, what makes you think I will give the respect you want.
Wow, never knew there are such shallow people on styleforum like you. I have a blog that has 50,000 unique readers a month dedicated towards the latest Balmain, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin and various unique designers news. My blog is focused on a particular target audience, obviously not people like you who complains about expensive clothes that has no significant value in your life. I make a side living on my blog, I have a vision of how my blog will grow. How about...
I can hype whatever I like. You can stay here and watch me, either way you like it or not.
New purchases for this month! Givenchy Black Stars and Red Embroidery Shirt from Fall Winter 2012
Why are you guys pissing off each other over me? It's just a pair of jeans, they didn't cost me 1k to be exact. It was only $850. I agree that they are very expensive for a pair of jeans, but I felt that it gives me value. Balmain jeans are known to have high residual, even after a few years I can still sell them at the same price. While brands like what I have Z Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Ralph Lauren etc has no residual value, I am still struggling to sell a...
Just receive today from MR PORTER. Balmain Slim Black Destroyed Biker Jeans Visit my blog for more photos and details about this product. http://drblogspot.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/the-balmain-slim-black-destroyed-biker.html
Don't be an idiot.
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