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Quote: Originally Posted by danielson APC store in NYC no longer has any Original Standards in stock. They may not be getting any more either. Anyone know where else to look? Don't mean to be a self-promoter, but I've got a nice pair of pre-owned ORIGINAL Standards on eBay at the moment. Check 'em out
Brand new pair of Gilded Age Jeans. Gotham Straight Leg (1008) Selvage Denim Medium/Light Wash Size 32x34 - these run big, so fit more like a 33 or 34 in the waist. Waist measurement side to side is about 17" Retail Price $598.00 Asking $400.00 Paypal, Cashiers Check or Money Order Please feel free to ask any questions.
I think suede is fine for the summer, but I only wear it in a loafer/slip on.
I struggled with this exact issue and decided that it doesn't really matter. I still wear them on occasion in the summer months, but not as much as I would in fall and winter.
I think they are a good value no matter the price. However, you can find some on sale. As you stated, the fit off the rack is hard to beat and you're not going to find anything else close to the fit at that price level.
Parke & Ronen Simple, plenty of colors, and reasonably priced.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline There's only one place a popped collar on a polo shirt is appropriate: on the golf course, on a hot day, to avoid neck sunburn. +1. Although I have to admit I did pop my collar back in the day, before the fraternity scene took it over... I now reseve it strictly for the golf course.
Z does have a softer construction than the main line as previously mentioned. There is also a "Light Fit" which is deconstructed with no shoulder padding and usually unlined. The Ermenegildo Zegna line is fantastic and a great brand. The Z line fits me better, it's more modern, and more my speed. I don't compare the two, other than the similarity in fabric.
It is geared to a younger customer, more fashion forward, trimmer fits, etc. It is made in a Zegna factory located in Mexico, but it's also about a third less than the mainline ($995 - $1200 for a suit compared to $3000 for EZ). It's not a question of comparison, but what you are looking for in terms of fit and style. You will find a lot of similarities in fabrics because both lines are made with Zegna's own fabrics. They take more risk with fabric composition in the Z...
NM will have a Private Night sale, but most of the men's merch is only 25% off. I would wait until sale breaks, it will be early this year and probably deeper discounts than normal... at Barney's and NM.
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