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i don't really have a great photo set up, i snapped these while i tried them on earlier today. also, i'm new here and can't seem to get these photos to show up. here's the link: http://flic.kr/p/9oBf9t http://flic.kr/p/9oEiHs
that was some fast shipping! just got my dub monks and they look and feel amazing - sizing down 1/2 was a good suggestions. thanks jamison.
thanks guys, a few years back i walked into george gibson's with a suit purchased elsewhere and they were fine to hem the pants for me (that's all i needed on that one). this go around there will be quite a bit more work - i plan on stopping by tomorrow and see if they can/will handle it or point me else where. on a side note: i feel more comfortable with a male tailor altering a suit than someone with no first hand knowledge on the matter.
any further input here? i also have not found a local tailor.
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