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New RgT grey cast Stantons sz 32. Hemmed to an outseam of 42" . Never been worn sceptic to try on - I am selling these b/c they are too big. $150 shipped to any US address. International buyers welcome, shipping cost tbd. DETAILS: -Split cut selvedge – The selvedge is present on the front panel and back the panel shows an overlock stitch. This was done because the denim used for these pants is 47″ wide instead of 30″ wide which is a standard width for selvage goods with...
Clearly, this have to be gone by now... Right?
so this jacket (outside of barneys, which is sold out for all but xl) isn't available online yet. anyone looking for one can place an order over the phone.
Are these still available?
I can't believe no one is moving on those oak streets, if only I were a siz smaller...
considering this is a year old post i'm sure you've solved your issues. but since i stumbled upon it, i'll drop ya some advice. made to measure. whatever your budget, there is something for you - from indochino to any decent menswear store selling suits. you'll be able to find what you are looking for.
hey there, i'm looking for the Schott Perfecto Khaki Waxed Canvas Moto Jacket in a size medium (38 chest). please hit me up if you got one. thanks in advance, k
Quote: Originally Posted by unclesam099 What is your size as measured on the Brannock device? What kinda arch? I'm a 13D as measured on a Brannock, and 11.5 might end up being too small Just trying to get an idea. I really like how these look. not sure. next time i'm in a store i'll have to check. but i've got a medium arch.
i went into gibson's yesterday to get an indochino suit altered. my buddy picked these out for his wedding, much better than making us rent baggy tuxedos. $54 total for letting out the jacket body and taking in the waist. they wouldn't alter the vest, stating it isn't an easy alteration and he wouldn't recommend it. so, i may have to take it to someone else, b/c it flares at the waist. everything will be ready on friday, so i'll let you guys know how everything...
thanks for the help softy. i typically wear a 9.5 in dress shoes and sized down to a 9 and the fit is spot on. however, if you are a guy that enjoys the comfort of insoles, i would not size down - there would be little room for any. i was expecting them to be a bit lighter as well. but in no way am i disappointed. my photos turned out a bit darker than they truly are though.
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