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Quote: Originally Posted by doctorj! I am asking $700 for this bag which is LESS than half the retail price. Ankur Fixed
Mine, homemade
Them is fightin words
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Probably burgundy shell that has been lightened and polished with brown polish. I think Burgundy Shell Cordo graysons are still available, so I would ask for the 4-digit item number and check and see if they match the item number of the stock burgundy graysons. On the other hand, AE does sell brown shell cordovan cream/polish, so maybe they do have brown shells available. +1, just a little sun exposure...
Looks cheap to me. Not in quality of course.
They sell Kiton shoes at Neiman?!
Nice haul, I need to move to NYC
Wow, nice deal
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar If I may put my 2c in. I am very sure this was an oversight on the part of chobo, and he has done the correct thing by withdrawing the offer of 10 ties which included a gifted tie. I do not believe VGent would want back a tie he has given you graciously. I would proceed with the 9 ties for 40 shipped if ok with buyer, or reduce it to 9 for 36. Also instead of sending VGent's tie back....maybe you could pass it...
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