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Yes sir, the softest leather I've ever felt in my life. The LV shoes are very nice, the leather is very soft and supple. The soles are fairly thin and indicative of Italian style.
Wow, you really put some time into this ad, nice job.
Check it out Edit: Forgot to mention- as usual, free shipping for SF members in US on orders over $100 and free shipping for international SF members on orders over $200
Quote: Originally Posted by doctorj! I am asking $700 for this bag which is LESS than half the retail price. Ankur Fixed
Mine, homemade
Them is fightin words
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Probably burgundy shell that has been lightened and polished with brown polish. I think Burgundy Shell Cordo graysons are still available, so I would ask for the 4-digit item number and check and see if they match the item number of the stock burgundy graysons. On the other hand, AE does sell brown shell cordovan cream/polish, so maybe they do have brown shells available. +1, just a little sun exposure...
Looks cheap to me. Not in quality of course.
They sell Kiton shoes at Neiman?!
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