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130 shoe auctions ending in the next 2-3 hours! All started at $9.99 and would appear to be ending for not much more. Please don't let my Tramezzas sell for $50!
Ahh Nordstrom, how you have forsaken us.
Quite a few (50-75) nice shoes starting at $9.99. Thought I'd give it the Spoo method and roll the dice.
Even better looking in person. What can I say, the man has good taste
That's a good question. While I am not a cobbler, I would think that the wear on the fiddleback portion would be very minimal since that part very rarely comes in contact with the ground. I would think that a half sole would suffice if you wanted to keep the fiddleback.
Possibly, although it would be a few months and there would be a slight upcharge
Those are awesome!
That bridle gladstone is amazing Andrew. Very tempting. I've got 40 or so pairs of shoes up for auction now:
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon I kopped these - was looking for a pair of shell loafers. Thanks very much My go to loafers, you will be pleased
Quote: Originally Posted by RockJaw Let me put it this way, this is the best seller on SF and on eBay - full stop! I have just received yet another package of REALLY great stuff, packaged like a nuke, sent lightning fast and in spotless condition, all for a bargain price. It is a pleasure to give this OP a bump - thanks!! Aw Roger, a punch to the gonads that was
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