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It is okay to use wax polish on skins in moderation, same with shell. However, I would buy some dark brown or black dye, dilute it, and apply to the areas you want darkened (conservatively).I would remove that wax finish, buy navy dye and then polish them with blue wax.
Sorry guys, just got back into town this morning. The shoes have arrived and we will be sending out invoices shortly. Thanks.
Ciro Paone?
Artioli, I'm pretty sure they're authentic
I can't believe that seller allowed them to go for that!There is an unspoken rule that you must complete your trifecta from distinctivefootwear....just sayin'Cheap CJ Harvard (calf)
I was two seconds away from buying that tan boot with blue laces last month at the Portland outlet, come to find out they were full price. Worth it nonetheless.
Gentleman, I apologize as it has been longer than the quoted amount of time. The good news is that the shoes are arriving in the US in small groups and once all pass customs and arrive here, we will inspect them and send out invoices. Thanks for your patience!
Of course, expecting news of completed order soon. Thanks for your patience.
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