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From Porter Medium Brown From Porter Medium Brown
Sorry for the delay guys, I just got back into town late last night. I plan on placing an order near the beginning of the year which would put delivery somewhere in the late February- to early March range. Please contact me if you would like to place an order: dclewisfootwear@gmail.com .Lincoln also makes a blue wax. If the eBay seller in the UK is still selling Saphir, that would be a fairly inexpensive option.PS- If anyone is in need of belts, I can make them for you...
Just an FYI, all shoes will come with round and flat laces.
This is the 101 actually, the Clayton is on the 102.I believe I sent you an invoice but please email or pm me if you would like me to re-send.That is correct, send me an email if you would like to place an order: dclewisfootwear@gmail.comAll yours Derk!
From Navy Porter From Navy Porter
Jesse, congrats on outbidding me on the Fairbanks auctions:cheers:
From New Folder (3) From New Folder (3)
It is okay to use wax polish on skins in moderation, same with shell. However, I would buy some dark brown or black dye, dilute it, and apply to the areas you want darkened (conservatively).I would remove that wax finish, buy navy dye and then polish them with blue wax.
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