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Perhaps in the future...stay tuned.
Yes, agreed. This is a purely functional piece and discreetly hidden under the trousers. I have told the factory to use the "dog ear" method of construction from now on and was put into affect on the Porters:From DownloadsThe service will not be lost, I assure you;)Thanks for the kind words! I think you will find that the 102 breaks in quite nicely after the second wear or so to mold to your feet and be very comfortable.
Very kind of you Justin, thanks for helping get the word out! Lovely polishing jobs, btw.
Replace the "F" with a "Y"
Sorry for the delay.Refurbishing services are not available at this time but perhaps in the future. I will look into it.Lasted shoe trees will be available within a month or so and will be free for those who choose to pay in full up front for pre-orders as an alternative to the $125 deposit.Kent Wang carries only one D.C. Lewis model at this time- the Clayton. All other "benchmade" shoes are not made by D.C. Lewis so I cannot comment on his footwear.I'm sorry but I have...
Not at all, I just was offering another view
From Desktop
I suppose it does come up a bit more when you're looking at it from the side as opposed to the top, especially on a new size 11 as opposed to a well-used size 7 EEE or whatever you have pictured:
I don't know what you're talking about
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