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Regardless, I admittedly have been a little behind in my responses and to those who have been neglected, I do apologize. I have been extremely busy and when you go out of town for a week, things get backed up quickly. To those of you that have asked questions that have not been answered, I will get to them as soon as I can. The main reason I haven't responded more quickly to some questions are because they are typically, do you have ____ model in _____ size. I was...
That's a strange statement. I don't think two to three emails equates to littered. I appreciate your input but I don't think it's very appropriate to state your opinions on what you think will work for someone else's business. I don't mind a private message with your "advice" but I find this a bit insulting
With all do respect, I think you are smelling beeswax- I gave them a nice polish since they had been worn onceBro, I thought we were tight? In all seriousness, I understand your concern but trust me, I am extremely picky and would not put my name on anything that wasn't "up to snuff"
Thanks Matthew, I am on the road but I will be replying to emails every evening. Apologies for the delay. To answer the question, I will be moving towards more stock inventory with multiple choices down the road. There will be a few MTO models a few times a year. Thanks
The suede monks are a go! Apologies for lack of clarity on the suede color, I will be placing the order for #13, a medium brown suede. For those that signed up to be one of the five, please contact me so that I can send you an invoice. Cheers
Spoosters it is. Your espresso suede Lowndes aren't right. How did I do?
Agreed, but I'm sure they are comfortable. I do like Dickelacker's version in shell with Treccia(?) welt.
Perhaps in the future...stay tuned.
Yes, agreed. This is a purely functional piece and discreetly hidden under the trousers. I have told the factory to use the "dog ear" method of construction from now on and was put into affect on the Porters:From DownloadsThe service will not be lost, I assure you;)Thanks for the kind words! I think you will find that the 102 breaks in quite nicely after the second wear or so to mold to your feet and be very comfortable.
Very kind of you Justin, thanks for helping get the word out! Lovely polishing jobs, btw.
New Posts  All Forums: