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Hi Gyasi,I've got some of the order in and I'm desperately hoping the rest arrive before I leave the country for a couple of weeks. Will get them out asap.
100% sure it's the 101 Thanks, feeling is mutual. Now go troll these elsewhere. Your opinions are not wanted here.
I apologize for sounding like I was grilling him, we have talked and I know his intentions were good, perhaps the wording could have been chosen more carefully but that's neither here nor there. I didn't think my reply was offensive and perhaps Charlie will concur but if it came off that way, I do apologize. I'm very open to questions and am usually quick to respond, the last few weeks have been extremely stressful, not an excuse for neglecting the support, suggestions,...
Regardless, I admittedly have been a little behind in my responses and to those who have been neglected, I do apologize. I have been extremely busy and when you go out of town for a week, things get backed up quickly. To those of you that have asked questions that have not been answered, I will get to them as soon as I can. The main reason I haven't responded more quickly to some questions are because they are typically, do you have ____ model in _____ size. I was...
That's a strange statement. I don't think two to three emails equates to littered. I appreciate your input but I don't think it's very appropriate to state your opinions on what you think will work for someone else's business. I don't mind a private message with your "advice" but I find this a bit insulting
With all do respect, I think you are smelling beeswax- I gave them a nice polish since they had been worn onceBro, I thought we were tight? In all seriousness, I understand your concern but trust me, I am extremely picky and would not put my name on anything that wasn't "up to snuff"
Thanks Matthew, I am on the road but I will be replying to emails every evening. Apologies for the delay. To answer the question, I will be moving towards more stock inventory with multiple choices down the road. There will be a few MTO models a few times a year. Thanks
The suede monks are a go! Apologies for lack of clarity on the suede color, I will be placing the order for #13, a medium brown suede. For those that signed up to be one of the five, please contact me so that I can send you an invoice. Cheers
Spoosters it is. Your espresso suede Lowndes aren't right. How did I do?
Agreed, but I'm sure they are comfortable. I do like Dickelacker's version in shell with Treccia(?) welt.
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