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Sorry guys, the last week has been very busy for us. I'll have some answers to these questions shortly. Thanks for your patience.
Quote: Originally Posted by RockJaw All this talk of despotic leaders and feeding minions to is his royal highness GW Bush who, during his campaign for the theft of a hydrocarbon empire from the people of the middle east and central asia, is responsible for the deaths of millions more innocents than all of Africa's despotic leaders combined, and that prick has never been seen wearing anything worthy of note. Why can't we all...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoMediaMan Nobody on SF would ever be interested in a pair of Aldens. Seriously, is an Alden interest check really necessary?
Quote: Originally Posted by alphaO888 Much different - no floral prints, paisleys on the site. Bright colors but more solids and cleaner/simpler patterns. It's all fairly current. "Wearable art" has not been around that long. Plus Bijan will pretty much make anything that you are willing to pay for.
Now this is an ebay listing
Don't. Sell. Vass.
Quote: Originally Posted by antexit Are the croc loafers true croc? They're ostrich leg Read the selling rules please.
vintagstic and I don't even like ostrich
These ties are amazing guys, great value.
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