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Quote: Originally Posted by alphaO888 Much different - no floral prints, paisleys on the site. Bright colors but more solids and cleaner/simpler patterns. It's all fairly current. "Wearable art" has not been around that long. Plus Bijan will pretty much make anything that you are willing to pay for.
Now this is an ebay listing http://cgi.ebay.com/2500-Branchini-H...item415a44f208
Don't. Sell. Vass.
Quote: Originally Posted by antexit Are the croc loafers true croc? They're ostrich leg Read the selling rules please.
vintagstic and I don't even like ostrich
These ties are amazing guys, great value.
Prices include shipping within the US. Add $15/pr. to Canada and $25/pr. everywhere else. Please send questions and/or requests to my email: distinctivefootwear (at) gmail (dot) com Include shoe(s) names/ #(s) in subject title please. List of shoes can be found here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spre...thkey=CKHb19cN Pictures can be found here (Match second number from left on SS to picture #): #'s...
I believe there is a website for reviews on nanny's...that's how my brother found theirs.
Russel Mocs are the fire
Quote: Originally Posted by RockJaw No mate, Tim Little by name and little in stature, but these guys know how to make a shoe. These are definitely not Loakes. They are probably off a last which Tim Little call their "No 1 Last" which is the only last I have ever been really impressed with. You can buy a Tim little with greater confidence than any Edward Green, and I have been through a whole bunch of Edward Greens. Great boot from a great...
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