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Near new Clayton on 102 last 8.5UK / 9.5US Fiddleback Waist $310 shipped within US If interested, please email distinctivefootwear@gmail.com
MASSIVE MOVING SALE HERE Moving across country so please help me keep the truck size down Everything from Berluti to Zilli
I'm sorry, I can't comment on Kent's shoe line. The best thing do would be to email him at sales@kentwang.com
Would you happen to have any ties in stock:D
We typically have 2-3 of each size. If you would like to put a deposit down, we would be happy to hold a pair in your size for you.
Not a good place to purchase anything but Tandy has some decent instructional videos for beginners. I buy a lot of items from Springfield leather.
9.5 in both lasts should work for you. If not, feel free to return
Great job, I can't tell if you've done it or not but you probably want to double-stitch each overlap as well.
New Posts  All Forums: