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Piob, I can't tell if you're stupid or just being wilfully obtuse. Ignorance of the functioning and purpose of the EU in no way precludes hating Polish people and hurling abuse at them. How can you possibly think that these people need to have a nuanced understanding of the EU to hate it and to react against it? It's precisely because of their ignorance of the EU that they have taken Brexit as a signal and a go-ahead to attack foreigners in the streets.
Also, Nigel Farage's only 'proper job' was as a metals broker in the City in the 1980s, a job given to him by his father. Anyone who knows financial history knows what kind of job that was: start drinking at 11 am, followed by long boozy lunches every day, and driving home drunk before 3.
How are those two elements even remotely contradictory?
Yes it's axiomatic that racists are idiots. Fights like these have been happening in the UK forever, but it's seriously unusual for a half-black guy from the US to be told to get off public transport and to go "back to Africa". I challenge you to find an incident like that which has happened in the past. It's never been this bad before in my lifetime. I've walked past Polish community centres that have been vandalised and graffitied. I've seen leaflets being distributed...
It's not tremendously onerous, no, but it does lead me to buy fewer ties, so I question the business wisdom of doing it from Patrizio's perspective.Often when I browse the site, there are only 2 or 3 ties that I actually want/need at any given time, so I'll hold off until a 4th one to my liking arrives, by which time some of the older ones go out of stock. The cycle repeats itself and in this manner I haven't ordered a packet from Patrizio for nearly a year.
The deal was always free postage for >4 ties!
Loads of videos like this have been doing the rounds too: https://streamable.com/kzfu
You guys are fucking stupid. A halal shop was literally petrol-bombed today:http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2016/06/28/halal-butchers-worker-hit-by-petrol-bomb-thrown-into-walsall-store/compo-19/
It's because he has been a long time Leave supporter, but 70% of Labour voters voted Remain. He didn't fight for his own side and so he doesn't realistically have a popular mandate any more.
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