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I don't deny that older people buy Drake's, especially the ties which offer a good selection of classic English foulards and madders. I'm saying that their marketing material is pitched at young men with a bit of money. It's very much a Pitti Uomo aesthetic. Again, the US may be different. Older people in the UK are unlikely to have even heard of Drake's: it is a young brand that markets largely through social media. People of my dad's generation buy ties from places like...
Completely disagree. Drake's targets a younger audience compared to any of the well-known tie-makers. Look at the collaborations they do with other brands, and look at their look book: the brand is so obviously pitched at a different market to Marinnella or Cappelli. The London store is also staffed by very young men. I don't know what it's like State-side, but this kind of look is pretty fashionable amongst young northern Europeans and Brits of a certain socioeconomic...
Well, apart from the £100bn shortfall in the UK's balance of payments because of the collapse of the pound, everything is dandy, you're right.
You have Drake's shirts from more than a decade ago?
I concur that they're not that slim. Nothing that Drake's makes is especially slim. You can sort of tell from their lookbooks. I like the jackets as comfy and casual winter jackets worn over a jumper.
Drake's ties come in at least 3 widths (7", 8", and 9"), and custom widths are also available.IMO the quality of Drake's is superlative, they are just terribly expensive.
Thanks. Nice option, but I still find it a bit overwrought. Increasingly I like things with as few components as possible.I have been considering the Cappellini Juli 09, but the chrome really bothers me because my home is a period apartment and all of the fittings are brass.
Also, I'm looking for an aesthetically beautiful office chair that is genuinely comfortable for long-haul work binges but has no chrome components, and doesn't have that rather tacky ergonomic aesthetic that is favoured by modern workplaces — would greatly appreciate suggestions.
Anyone know what this vase is?
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