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Hiroshima is a major city with a long history. It is about as stupid a name as calling a chair Warsaw, Berlin, London, Tokyo, or any other city that suffered major bombing casualties in the war.
Guys, those jokes are fucking stupid and crass.
Dubious is the sense that you deny having curtain glazing increases the levels of natural light in the building?
I wish they'd change their name. Can you image a Savile Row-based bespoke tailor naming themselves Savile Row made-to-measure? Perhaps a stupid thing to moan about, but I recall Mafoofan ridiculing the pretentiousness of the name, and I wonder how many people it actually puts off.
The point is the natural light. Obviously there's a massive opportunity cost if you happen to enjoy any privacy whatsoever.
The problem usually arises when you have guests, girlfriends, children, and various other stupid forms of life cooking in your kitchen.
To be fair, that console clearly isn't designed for audiophiles. It's designed for people who care more about aesthetics than utility, as are most of the objects posted in this thread. It is actually a very attractive solution if you have a small space that would really suffer from the clutter of speakers, amps, cables, and the various cabinets needs for a decent audio setup.
Also, although they are described as "handcrafted" on the website, the shirts have basically no handwork on them. Maybe the gussets are attached by hand. You can get Italian bespoke shirts with heaps of handwork (not that handwork is king, but nonetheless) for the same price.
They look to be very fine quality in-store, with good tall collars. I didn't think they were worth £200 though, so I've never actually bought any.
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