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Whilst we're on the topic of flannels: they're now stocking what looks like great grey flannel trousers in mid-grey and charcoal for a reasonable price (£300).
I've actually found that their Belvest-made jackets fit quite loose. The shoulders don't feel narrow at all. They are completely unpadded, as you say, so there is a lot of space in there compared to the much more padded style they used to offer, made by Caruso. I found the Caruso ones were extremely narrow and tight by contrast. I still think that all of their jackets run a bit short, but that works with this kind of relaxed style that is designed to be thrown on with...
Yeah, they're MTO only, but they say they can make adjustments to fit. They have 12 different patterns but you can only try on a few of them in store at the moment (last time I went). They're obviously very nicely made, but not sure if the fit works for me and whether they'd do a good job making the appropriate adjustments.
I visit this place quite frequently now, but still haven't tried taken the plunge on having trousers made. Has anyone tried? I just feel that at £400 I could always get much better bespoke trousers in Italy, but it would nice to have a place round the corner.
Currently how most UK carriers work is that you get your full UK data+calls package in any EU country automatically when you arrive, but there is a daily surcharge of £2. Vodafone UK recently started offering better contracts where you automatically get free calls/texts + 4GB/month of data in 40 European countries. (That's on top of 30GB of data you get in the UK.) Next year, my understanding is that all EU carriers will eliminate roaming charges entirely, as part of...
^ Europe does have an integrated cell phone service now, and there have always been options for frequent travellers. But of course there are tonnes of problems. First and foremost, you have 28 sovereign states who all have their own interests to look out for. You're never going to get the level of integration that the US has, but no one wants that. Europe's strength has always been in competition between lots of smaller states. I don't think US-style big business is what...
I've already attempted to draw out an actual discussion from your cretinous ilk, but you literally do not have the capacity to take the conversation above "you're a loser, nah nah na nah nah".Playground language like "sore loser" simply has no relevance to a question of democratic principles. And yet you repeat the phrase, again and again and again, like a broken record, or like a boneheaded dullard with nothing of value or interest to say about the actual substantive...
>didn't turn out how they wanted it to You see it in these childish terms because you simply don't have the intelligence or education to engage in discussions about political philosophy and political systems.
I was referring to the bolded quotation, but I had nonetheless read the whole article, and it makes no difference. It's normal for people to question features of democracy immediately after votes that seem irrational and destructive. This has been going on since the sentence of Socrates to death. Your attempt to characterise people who engage in this age-old debate as whinging sore losers is wrongheaded and inane.
Well said Fuuma. You have to be seriously illiterate to believe that democracy can be simplistically equated to voting. The true meaning of democracy is perhaps the oldest debate in political philosophy. It also strikes me as blindingly obvious that the quotation from the Guardian is designed to be arresting for journalistic purposes.
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