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Thanks. Nice option, but I still find it a bit overwrought. Increasingly I like things with as few components as possible.I have been considering the Cappellini Juli 09, but the chrome really bothers me because my home is a period apartment and all of the fittings are brass.
Also, I'm looking for an aesthetically beautiful office chair that is genuinely comfortable for long-haul work binges but has no chrome components, and doesn't have that rather tacky ergonomic aesthetic that is favoured by modern workplaces — would greatly appreciate suggestions.
Anyone know what this vase is?
I mean, you can't seriously believe that the price of every product sold is simply a function of cost of production x 4.
Yeah, but the gross margin can be very different from product to product. It depends entirely on the firm's/brand's market power and their ability to price discriminate.
Ah, I see. Agree that we should avoid the rabbit-hole.
You may be right that to execute the Model 45 perfectly is a more difficult task. But I still don't think that's what guides OneCollection's pricing.
Hmm, but £3k is for a handmade Model 45, not a Chinese-made unlicensed one. A Chinese one costs about £500 delivered to the UK, whereas an Eames lounge chair tends to cost £700-800, even though it is a vastly more popular & mass-produced design.
To distill it down to one economic principle: branding allows you to sell essentially similar products at vastly different prices.
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