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I'm not particularly enthused by that last SH post. It is too much of a brutalist show-piece, and has none of the simple utility that a great modernist building can and should have. The leaning concrete flaps don't appear to have any purpose, in fact they block out views of the surrounding trees and hills. The interior spaces look as if they were intentionally designed to induce claustrophobia and anxiety (see, for example, how narrow the corridors are relative to their...
Um, that's not exactly how it works, though, is it? For a start, Poland pays more (€3.2bn) in contributions to the EU budget than Denmark (€2.1bn). Also, countries like Poland have to meet EU standards in order to join, which includes: fully opening up their markets to foreign competition, which is usually most beneficial to Germanic/French businesses and investors; giving up the right to manage their national currency; and conforming to the EU's common agricultural and...
The Factory shop is open all-year-round, and has quite good value discounts, if you can find things you like. The actual sale with very steep discounts is only once per year, though.
Mine has arrived as well! Unfortunately I am out of the country, but I am told the tie is very beautiful indeed. Thanks again to C&A and T4phage for organising this.
Caruso St John staircase at Tate Britain.
Be wary of relying on just a few people's opinions, though. Vox was a famous proponent of the 14oz fresco travel suit. I have one myself and I don't find it wears warm, although I am not overly sensitive to heat.Of course, it depends a lot on to where you're travelling. Most importantly, though, it doesn't crease easily, which is the a priority for a travel suit.
Oh grow up, you chauvinist. I’m not interested in your petty UK-verus-US bullshit. I told you I’m not even British (not that it would make a difference, although it clearly does to you). Your first point is a bit contradictory: first you question the validity of the index and then you express unqualified admiration for it. In actual fact, the index is not just an indicator of “perceived” corruption, because it correlates closely with several other discrete measures of...
Haha, I do think you are being overly cynical though, which is probably a product of your living in a particularly selfish country and city. It's clear that much of Western Europe does a better job than the US, and a lot of progress has been made in recent decades. This is a map of corruption by country: I think it's possible to culture selfishness out of people and therefore corruption out of societies. After all, cooperation is a positive-sum game.
The problem in the USA is regulatory capture. That's a form of government failure. It doesn't mean regulation is bad per se. Regulation is supposed to protect people, and intelligent and uncorrupted regulation does just that.
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