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Glass brick is a great material that creates some fantastic effects, but I think what they've done there is pretty tacky
I thought I posted in the Kamakura Shirts thread, haha. But thanks for the interesting link.
Will the TPP remove tariffs entirely when it comes into force?
What do people think of Gubi's Beetle Chair?
Yeah, I'm disappointed with the tie sale. Some of the ties are from last seasons and were on sale for £60 over a year ago. A year later now, and rather than discounting them further they've jacked up the prices to £95.
Middle one is the most interesting.I love this sort of rug though. Great choice.
And guys, you really ought to use a proper dictionary to look up your words, rather than relying on Dictionary.com or whatever it is you use.From the OED:
I said that choosing this particular colour for this piece of furniture is pretentious. How can you possibly think that "the very act of picking furniture is pretentious" is a statement that follows logically from that rationale?I did. And besides, it is objectively so.My guess is that you are leaning towards picking the mint.
It's not the colour that is pretentious, it is the act of choosing the colour for that application followed by the act of displaying the piece of furniture in your home that is pretentious.How can you justify choosing the mint green colour? It is an intentionally dissonant choice, and I think dissonant furniture design is almost always pretentious, because its primary purpose is to garner attention and to say: 'look how clever and different I am; I have combined these...
Obviously only the samples are branded, you cretin.I think the black or the copper looks best. The mint is genuinely pretentious and ostentatious. The powder white probably goes with a lot of your stuff but doesn't suit my taste.
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