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I mean, you can't seriously believe that the price of every product sold is simply a function of cost of production x 4.
Yeah, but the gross margin can be very different from product to product. It depends entirely on the firm's/brand's market power and their ability to price discriminate.
Ah, I see. Agree that we should avoid the rabbit-hole.
You may be right that to execute the Model 45 perfectly is a more difficult task. But I still don't think that's what guides OneCollection's pricing.
Hmm, but £3k is for a handmade Model 45, not a Chinese-made unlicensed one. A Chinese one costs about £500 delivered to the UK, whereas an Eames lounge chair tends to cost £700-800, even though it is a vastly more popular & mass-produced design.
To distill it down to one economic principle: branding allows you to sell essentially similar products at vastly different prices.
Min wage is just a reference point. Actually, in Denmark, because incomes are uncommonly even in their distribution, manual workers tend to get paid disproportionately well compared to the US.But it's not the primary thing causing the cost difference, you are right.I don't think Eames is "less valuable" as a brand per se, but it is positioned in a completely different segment of the market. It has mass appeal.Of course you're right that Eames designs tend to have quite an...
Yeah, labour costs are at least double in Denmark compared to USA. Minimum wage is effectively about €20, and an expert artisan will make multiples of that. But it's about the brand, anyway.
Fritz Hansen Fri Chair is also very pleasant and extremely comfortable: I also like the Gubi Beetle Lounge Chair, although I don't think it will be popular here: And another one I've been looking at that is completely different [Phase Trolley Lounge Chair]:
Whilst we're on the topic of flannels: they're now stocking what looks like great grey flannel trousers in mid-grey and charcoal for a reasonable price (£300).
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