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I was in Florence recently, stopped at a shop called Eredi Chiarini on Via Roma, and found two brands that I simply cannot find anywhere else, though I wish I could: Luca Roda makes cool, matte-fabric pocket squares (and rounds), often in colorblock patterns that can be folded to surprising effect. And 19Andrea's47 makes probably the most remarkable scarves I have seen anywhere. The company says its big distinction is having purchased some old looms, which I guess produce...
I used to wear Ballantyne, Pringle, Johnson's of Elgin, NPeal. . .. all of which are either sold, gone stupidly trendy, or out of business. The one enduring rock of Hawick is William Lockie. The company sells directly through its own website or Incredible range of colors, beautiful, tightly woven cashmere, lovely cuts to their sweaters. And their prices, even including shipping and conversion to $USD, are substantially lower than you will pay retail for...
Get a load of this:,pd.html Are Barney's customers so stupid they actually WANT to pay $150 more for the same pair of shoes (okay, the color is a bit different) than necessary?These are just longwing bluchers in calfskin. Nice shoe, but $610? I guess Barney's people don't have the internet.
Are the ones of the bottom right the burnished tan Barrie last shoes Winn Perry has up now? They were out of my size.
I have a pair of those straight tip bluchers in brown. I wear 11.5 Barrie last and 12 Copley seems to fit fine. And the flex sole is nice. Thing is, that tumbled leather, or whatever it's called, doesn't take a shine very well. The best you'll get is a dull sheen, but they're still nice enough shoes. Discontinued, too, I think. I got them from the San Francisco Alden shop on sale.
The Alden store here in DC just took delivery of unlined summer suedes, this year in navy and snuff. I grabbed a pair of the navy ones, barely missing a price increase from $437 to $456. Barrie last, flex sole. Unusual to find something like that among the staid regular collection.
The point is, the shoe is supposed to be an "all-weather walker," which is just nonsense. It's a great sole as long as you don't wear it on wet pavement.
It's true. The plantation sole is fine, but the leather tip is stupid. I bought some "all weather walkers" six months ago, and the leather tip already looks like paper mache. Dumb idea. I'm going to have to take them to a shoemaker and have it cut out and replaced by Vibram or something. Also: Why not more suede offerings? I love Alden suede, but there just isn't enough out there. And they should try more colors. I'd buy 'em all.
Trouble is, I know Barrie fits me perfectly. I haven't the faintest idea what lasts in Paul Smith or Tricker's or Church's or Lobb or any of the others fit me. I'm not even sure they all have as reliable a last system as Alden. But thanks for the advice. Maybe on my next trip to Manhattan.
One more thing: Why doesn't Alden, or any other quality shoemaker, produce a shoe in grey suede? Alden does tan, brown, snuff, navy and black. Even white, on special makeups. All great. But why no grey? And why not more captoe, medallion, or wingtip suede boots?
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