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It is difficult to generalize about seller practices because there will always be a reply from a seller who says that is not how he does it. I agree that someone who posts a price accepting regular way paypal, but is open to offers if someone offers personal payment may be passing through the savings (assuming the seller would not otherwise offer that price). It is correct that this practice of insisting on personal payments is relatively new, and it does not seem...
Sorry meant to say, it does not seem to me sellers insisting on personal payment are offering better prices.
I agree much of it is about the 3%, but I suspect it is not the high minded principle of not wanting paypal to get it. I agree with Aportnoy that it is generally a way for seller's to get an extra 3%. I have not done any kind of survey, scientific or otherwise, but it does not seem to me that sellers insisting on personal payments are not offering better prices than sellers who take regular business paypal. I do thinkit is a way of making posted prices look better than...
Personally, I never got very far with ebay. They always referred me to paypal once ebay saw I paid via paypal, and pypal always told me I wasn't covered as long as I got something. They called it a quality dispute, or sommething. Now maybe I could have pushed paypal harder, but it was always easier to call Amex and have them handle it.
How do the Green D widths compare to the Green E width? which is most comparable to a US D width? I know this has been discussed before, but I don't have a clear sense of the answer. thanks
pm for size 46 cashmere
I would have thought most of the charge was for customs, unless the shoes were served champagne across the Atlantic. Can't see how tom is making money if he has to pay $235 to TNT. Did TNT tell you how much was shipping and how much customs?
umbrage seems like too strong a word
pm on Olney
pm on Lobbs
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