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Quote: Originally Posted by TheHoff Also ask for some photos besides stock... shoes worn "4 times" could've gone 20 miles. I asked for some sole and heel pictures. I asked about the Euro size, and i guess i shold have asked about the last as well (although it is obviously not the U last) is that I take a full 10D to 10.5D, and in the U last a 44 fits me fine, but in other lasts that would be too big. I notice Gabor thinks posting length and...
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I am trying to find out what the European size is for these shoes. Does anyone know?
pm sent
PM being sent
Thank you very much.
Pardon my ignorance, but are all Asprey made by Lattanzi? If not, how does everyone seem to know these are? The listing indicates an RPP of 200 pounds which seems low for Lattanzi. Thank all of you in advance for any education you can provide me.
PM sent on the borrelli shirt if it is still available.
Not to commit sacrilege on this forum, but have you considered getting some comfortable insoles, e.g., gels, to make the boots a half size smaler?
I believe there was a pair of suede, or partial suede Vass that I saw in perhaps one size. There weer a couple of pairs of Lobbs, I believe for $499 in three styles, 1 pair of loafers, and a couple of their more countrified walking type shoes, (sorry I did not make note of the models), and there was a Zegna leather and crocodile shoe, in 3 sizes, for $899. I did not ask if they expected additional stock. I think there is a thread on the Forum where someone posted...
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