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This may be blasphemy, but why not get your shoemaker to put in a heel cushion, or thicker insole? If they are only slipping a little in the heel that should do it.
As a buyer how I feel depends may depend on how much shipping was charged by the seller. If the seller seems to be charging only for actual shipping costs and then offers insurance, I might think it is my choice whether to buy it. But many sellers clearly charge much more than the actual shipping costs, and then try to nickel and dime by offering insurance for an additional fee. If I pay $10 shipping for a polo shirt, I don't think I should have to pay extra for...
You could try using a different ebay account to see if that can get through without being blocked, at least once so you can ask the guy for his e mail address
Follow-up PM
PM sent
PM sent for H&K
I bought a pair of shoes from him and was satisfied. The shoes took awhile to arrive because they got held up in customs, but he did respond to my e mails , and I think tried to do what he could from his end.
pm sent re Kiton 17 if still available
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I don't know the seller or have any experience dealing with him, but the auction smells bad, really bad. Last week, he was selling a pair of Vales in size UK8E (my size) with the exact same pictures and exact same measurements. A measured width of 5 1/2 inches is not even close to ballpark. Too many red flags for me to take the chance. The seller seems to have adjusted the posted width of the...
Does Ed wear a 43 in U last or in non-U last? I think in Gabor's listings he lists a 44 U last as a 10, but lists some 44's in other lasts as 11's.
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