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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Who the fwock is bidding $1475 on these? What's wrong with them?
If you re-sell the item there is at least some possibility of giving the buyer some refund, even if it is reduced by your additional costs, or is based on what you re-sell it for rather than on what the original buyer paid. (You could give the lesser of the original buyer's purchase price, and what it is re-sold for). If you donate it, you won't have anything to refund, so you have just been generous with someone else's money.
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon NWT Borrelli's - now below my cost...priced to clear. pm sent
pm sent Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 For sale is a pair of Vass U Last, size 44.5 (11 D), color is Bordeaux. Double leather sole, tapered to single at the waist. Seamless at the back. Lasted trees, dust bags, and box are included. Outsole measurements: 4 and 3/8" wide; 12 and 7/16" long. I bought these shoes for $700.00 in June of 2009, and finally wore them at my company's sales kickoff meeting in Hong Kong at the Excelsior hotel...
Quote: Originally Posted by cksnipe BC Grey Cash Sold. More price drops! pm on Lattanzi chelseas
Quote: Originally Posted by singlechange For sale is a new pair of Kiton wholecut shoes in U.S. size 11.5. Label on box and on sole says size 10 and fits like U.S. 11.5 D. Color is black. Wore in the house a couple of times to try on. Asking $725 or offer plus shipping. Includes original box, Kiton shoetrees and Kiton shoe bags. pm sent
measurements please
Quote: Originally Posted by bdbb Until recently fees were charged based on whether the recipient had a personal or business account, and whether the payment was sent via pp/bank balance or credit card. There were no charges for a personal account to receive pp/bank balance transfers. do you mean the change in paypal rules required the request for personal payment, or created the opportunity? I do agree with the poster who pointed out that...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdbb That would probably be because paypal only recently changed its policies to make the practice necessary. Which policies are you referring to?
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