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Quote: Originally Posted by Omegablogger I have a lightweight wool Kiton coat, marked size 48 which I assumed was a Euro 48, it isn't. Any big guys out there interested in a US size 48/50 Kiton coat in the region of $400 let me know via pm. pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet you are right, Lance is great. Now I have to play Hamlet only about the twill. \t To buy or not to buy? yup
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet dave5: I e-mailed Lance to ask about the sleeve length on the light berry Truzzi. He responded very quickly - about 36.5. So, I ordered it. I know others rave about his service and now add my name to the ravers list. Another good benefit to this forum is finding people who give great customer service (CF excluded) and in whom one can trust. you are right, Lance is great. Now I have to play Hamlet only...
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet DAVE5: The difference b/w a 16.5 and 17 is 1/2 inch. And that is the circumference. Divided by pi (about 3) gives: 1/2 divided by 3 or 1/6 inch. QED. Sorry, I missed that you were speaking of the diameter. If the 16.5 is really a Euro 42, and the 17 a Euro 43, the circumference difference is only about .4", so your diameter differrence even smaller.
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet dave5: Thanks for the reply and the pm. The Truzzi I have is a 16.5 and it fits perfectly. The Regent I bought from Ian, which is made by Truzzi, is also a 16.5 and fits the same, just right. I looked at the cherry twill and the berry Truzzis and both are excellent shirts. I realize a 17 is really only about 1/6 inch greater in diameter and they would probably work fine. Now, you have me wanting both ... Ouch! My...
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet I just lost out on a beautiful Borrelli teaberyy twill shirt Ian was selling on ebay. I got preoccupied with some other chore during the last 6 minutes of the bid and lost out to someone by $2.50. I really wanted that shirt. It looked so beautiful and I'm positive it would have looked stupendous in reality: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...7495&rd=1&rd=1 I emailed Ian that if he gets another I'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER Well, no reply yet. We'll see. The mail I received had me in violation of 'Abusing Ebay' rules. No explaination though. Kind of crazy, all this....last Friday a Paypal Security rep called my house at 9:30pm to grill me about my sources and asked if I could prove I owned the goods I was selling. Today Paypal froze my account for around 1 hour while I had to call and explain everything (they said I had too much money...
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER You could think they would have a phone somewhere around.... I tried the number I posted earlier, 800-717-3229, and the answering machine indicated it was ebay customer support. I have only bought on ebay so I don't know if they will help with your problem, but if not, maybe they could direct you.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Well, first I was suspicious that it was just a scam email but I checked your ID and they did indeed suspend you. What reason did they give?? I could tell is was not a scam because a pair of Rider's alligator shoes I was watching disappeared from my watch list.
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER I get a message saying I am inviolation of User Agreement??? They make it real easy to call....like no telephone. Any idea's? Don't know if it wtill works, but I found (on my rolodex) an old ebay customer service number of 800-717-3229. You can try that.
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