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Too bad they are not my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 They allow this only for items purchased via eBay. Of course, eBay owns Paypal; offering this protection for eBay buyers is a way of getting people to use the service by making it apopear to be safer than other alternatives (liek Google checkout). I'm not a lawyer (nor do I play one on TV), but I don't think it is an exaggeration. It might be slightly misworded--perhaps a more accurate statement would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris This is wierd, as paypal does allow claims for 'significantly not as described'. I wonder what is different in this case? In my experience, on a few attempted claims, paypal has rejected my claims for significantly misdescribed items. Each time I had to go through AMEX.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 This is the problem with using Paypal for anything other than an eBay transaction. If you buy something outside of eBay, you have no protection as long as the seller can demonstrate that you've received the package, regardless of the condition it was in. I have had problems with paypal even on ebay items. I tried to put in a claim to ebay, and they sent me to paypal because I had paid that way. And paypal...
if your paypal is linked to a credit card company you can make a claim to the CC company. Amex is usually pretty good about this.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I know he will come through. I bought from him before. But it is a little bit annoying nonetheless to have no visibility on when these items will actually show up. There's really no good excuse for such a lack of communication. Checking email at least once a week or so isn't that hard IMO I have found he is quicker to respond when you ask a question prior to bidding than when you ask after you have won and...
I've had the same experience with weissbier, but eventually he has always come through
Geat price too, too bad it is not bigger, but then I guess you would not be selling.
nice jacket, but you are right, judging by your posted measurements this does seem to run small compared to the way Bobby Jones large usually runs. I find my Bobby Jones polos in large rum bigger than some of my zegna and purple label in XL (and are also nicer).
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgesailor Price down to $250 (shipped in the continental US) for the SM wholecuts. pm sent
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