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Note the 9% "government" tax on the John Lobb shoes. Suspect it's a way of recouping ebay fees as I haven't heard of this tax before when buying from Canadian sellers.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Awesome NIB Edward Green "Olney" Boots 7.5/8 BIN $650 (awesome price) salsalocust has rare dark brown C&J Cavendish, BIN $330 - 8.5UK (my mufuggin size ) Lobb "Chatham" Prestige Black US 11 BIN $699 NIB Actually the Lobbs have a BIN of $670, but this seller now adds on a so-called 9% government tax.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Great deal on these John Lobbs UK 10 BIN with Trees Although the trees are pictured, I don't think they are included. I asked the seller on the previous listing of these shoes and the trees were not included.
deposit sent
pm on 33]
will need 16L: 200 14L: 50
pm on 21 and 34
PM on the bordeaux shells
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Any recent experience with remida05 ? I am interested in this SC I have bought from remida recently and he was fine on my purchase
+1. Kitons generally run at least a full size larger, converting to US sizes, and often more like 1 1/2 sizes.
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