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Doesn't J press have suits in that price range? I thought they were generally a bit more expensive, but not by a ton. H. Freeman and sons might be worth a look too, though they seem pretty tough to find in the wild.
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Given the fact that his inner butt walls are struggling to keep back the muddy waters- would a sparsely maintained porta potty not suffice? I would liken it to being freezing and starving in a forest, would you really give a fuck if the cabin was the size of a shoe box and had to eat two day Taco Bell? Just sayin' He hasn't eaten it yet, so there is plenty of time to make proper accommodations for D-Day....
Quote: Originally Posted by Jsoftz 185 x 5. I only weigh 150 (5'6" height) and am trying to work my way up to 2x bw, obviously have a long way to go. 1 RM is probably like.. 205 although I never really try that sort of thing. One problem I'm having.. n00b issue, but seeing as every iGent here squats 3x their BW, only big times with Ambrosi pants and doesn't date girls with sharp knees- thought y'all could help. I'm really struggling with bar...
This is a serious "must... resist" sort of situation- being local doesnt help at all.
Agreed- I'll normally stop by jcrew or the polo store in the off chance there are some good staples for cheap, but other than that, its pretty much a needle in a very crowded, insane haystack.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Yeah, it's awful. Ballsy play that failed miserably. Fortune favors the bold. Didn't really work out so well here, but lose the tie and it would be perfectly serviceable IMO.
Something from a ScyFy original movie, sharktopus maybe?
That bag looks spectacular- anyone who's ordered from these guys that can speak to how they compare with, say saddleback? I realize its not quite apples to apples, and there's quite a price difference, but this is the first bag in my price range that is making me reconsider.
I'd like to see pictures
I think it looks pretty good with a light, thin wool knit, personally. Curious what the gurus think.
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