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Are you going to get tarred and feathered for showing up in summer with a sportcoat on? Lots of us in business casual workplaces still wear a jacket- it's not like a blazer or linen SC is insufferably formal. Unless your new officemates are bad caricatures of 1980's union guys who think you are putting on airs and trying to look like a manager, dress how you like. The casual MC thread is a good place to check as well.
This question is asked (conservatively) 10 times a day here. Just lurk and read up for a week. If you feel the uncontrollable urge to post regardless, at least give some detail beyond "i dress like ass now, and i want to dress better"
Get good at thrifting, trawling the B&S forum, and after a while, Ebay for the jacket, shirts, shoes, and possibly pants. The rest will probably be tough to beat at 50% off gap prices. Lands end canvas is a pretty good source for cheap staples, especially since tons of their stuff is 50% off most of the time- they might have a presence in the Sears you mention. Don't buy a bunch of shit right away, post a little and read a lot here and find out where its worth it to spend...
The shoulders look completely FUBAR- I hope you saved the receipt.
+1I'm 26, wear something DB most every week at a place where "dressed up" is an oxford with a solid tie, and no one has *ever* called attention to it for the fact it is DB. Come to think of it, no one has noticed working buttonholes, lapel roll, or any of number of other SF affections. I notice that stuff when I get ready in the morning or when I'm buying clothes (and on the Internet, which is srs bsns), but if you think in 95% of the offices out there anyone notices...
Freshly showered and shaved on the way into the office and realizing you completely missed a line of stubble on a contour or something- hope that no one notices, but every time you think about it, you reach up and it feels like the hair is an inch long A bit more than some, but they are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Got some new fabrics for pocket squares today. Really enjoying them, got them all dirt cheap too. Top are all linen, bottom are cotton. Here's one of the ones on the right. Really, really like it! That map fabric is AWESOME- if you have enough for multiple squares, count me in for one
Quote: Originally Posted by Kamapuaa You done goofed. You're not anywhere near 225 lbs 15% bf, the idea is ludicrous unless you're seven feet tall. It's obvious to everyone around you (except yourself) that you've put on a whole lot of fat and a little muscle. You'll look better & more masculine by losing the weight while trying to keep the muscle. Sorry to say but in the American south there isn't anything masculine about dressing...
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I admire the direction J.Crew is going. Their styling and collaborations are pretty cool, but the construction of their in-house stuff is still pretty "meh" for the price. I pretty much only go for their sale stuff to be honest, I find lands end canvas to have similar or better quality for chinos and such at a significantly lower price point. Both are still MC small-timer though
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