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Apologies in advance for yet another "OMG wedding suit" thread, but I've searched and lurked pretty extensively and come up with very little. Looking for this for my wedding in the mid-atlantic, early september- and fairly set on the combination of a SB peak lapel jacket with a DB waistcoat, likely in something a few shades darker than blogger/AF blue, ideally 8-11 oz in weight. What does the hive mind say with regard to the number of buttons/ stance of the DB waistcoat-...
[[SPOILER]] Er, do I want to know where the handle of that umbrella is?Awesome pants though.
Whoa. Details?
Ranger wins best overall look of the 3 in my opinion, though Ace's fit is superb, and I think Thread's tie/ps/braces are a great combination. Everyone's a winner
6 billion in the bank has a way of taking the edge off of diluting the brand I'd imagine.
Are we still talking about the elephant?
In that case, 2 pairs of the "lesser" shoes- it would be a shame to drop the coin on EGs and then shorten their life by wearing them for several days straight. I'd think it would be better to add some breadth of style to your collection first and foremost.
Your name sounds more literal than most here. I'd suggest either looking at some of the cheaper MTO companies (indochino, mytailor, etc), or perhaps see if you can find some boy's clothing from someone like brooks brothers. Not many options in the RTW category at that size, unfortunately.
I hear a few sets of kegels work wonders.
Whoever bought that Gieves & Hawkes, I hate you
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