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Another vote for suitsupply. Definitely a more modern cut (up to you to decide if that is a pro or con), and the construction quality is good (for the price). If you can stretch your budget very slightly, http://www.kentwang.com/suits would be my vote- the early reports of these are extremely good, and MTM for the same price as OTR is almost unheard of (and awesome).
Honestly, chocolate suede like that is one of the most versatile color/material combinations out there. Unfortunately, the unfinished sole makes it distinctly casual. I think they'd go with pretty much any non-dress pants other than pastels or (gasp) black.
Tacky. However, you may be able to grant them a second life as lures (maybe attached to a long length of twine) for the spray tan crowd.
Given the budget and the fact you are in HS and the tux/shirt likely wont fit for too many more years, might want to just go with the JaB shirt and have it tailored locally- shouldn't be expensive or difficult.
Like quad said, overall pretty good fit, though i'd echo the comments about trouser length, and would probably consider tapering a bit below the knee (not radically, just an inch or so). I'd probably throw away the PS, which would also make the tie a bit less jarring- the clash of yellow and red there is distracting. The button stance won't be noticed by pretty much anyone outside these boards, but it really makes it look like something (eg a third button) is missing the...
Pretty much anywhere you want to live in the greater DC area that is worth living in is going to be 1.5-2.5k/mo for a 1BR, getting higher the closer you are to a metro. Houses are generally another 500-1.5k on top of that, depending on what you want. Where you want to be is largely dictated by what you want to be walkable to- if you are looking to party with co-eds in sports bars, near the GW campus, or north arlington towards ballston/ clarendon would be...
B&S here in general. If you know exactly what you are looking for, ebay has a larger selection, but a much higher signal-noise ratio.
Other than the spikes, they look like pretty normal dress slippers. With the spikes, they look like they would be quite appropriate for a fetish ball. Not that there's anything wrong with that(™)
If you do pumps, I'd probably skip the coral socks- pumps are fairly flashy already (though excellent when done properly). Also, where in DC are you getting multiple fittings for for
Yeah, agreed that 8" would be a bit much- that would be out past the shoulder seam if I'm not mistaken, and certainly not what I had in mind. Not the first time on the internet that someone has added a few inches onto something to make it sound more impressive. 4 to 5" seems much more reasonable, no?
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