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A bit above my paygrade, but absolutely gorgeous
The silver Aston Martin that makes a brief appearance. The original Bond car IIRC
If you aren't, for lack of a better term, oddly shaped and require MTM, finding RTW that fits well will almost certainly give a higher quality level at the same price point. Suitsupply or BB during a sale is likely your best bet for new, though ebay, thrifting, and B&S is tough to beat for pure value assuming you know what works. Given that you are new to this, I'd strongly suggest trying some stuff on, taking pictures, and posting in the suit critique thread for advice...
[[SPOILER]] If you ever get the urge to sell, and you happen to be a 10.5-11, for the love of god let me know- those are amazing.
Isn't HSX a diffusion line? In any event, I'd strongly recommend avoiding any tailored clothing sold with S/M/L sizing unless you can try it on, just seems like you would be very likely to get something that doesn't fit well.
Another +1 to the "wrong last for gator" club. AE has a few that would look pretty good, but they put it on just about the clunkiest last they have.
Only if you want them to fit properly. Honestly, I'm kinda shocked that you aren't hanging bag over the waistband of the pants, since it looks like your belt buckle is several inches below the bottom button. Those are definitely fairly full-cut trousers, bring them up to your natural waist and try again.
super glue + dab of black polish? Unless it has been caused by a colony of boring insects, I wouldn't sweat it too much.
Another vote for suitsupply. Definitely a more modern cut (up to you to decide if that is a pro or con), and the construction quality is good (for the price). If you can stretch your budget very slightly, http://www.kentwang.com/suits would be my vote- the early reports of these are extremely good, and MTM for the same price as OTR is almost unheard of (and awesome).
Honestly, chocolate suede like that is one of the most versatile color/material combinations out there. Unfortunately, the unfinished sole makes it distinctly casual. I think they'd go with pretty much any non-dress pants other than pastels or (gasp) black.
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