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Good stuff- Roetzel's "The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming and Style" was my first peek into the world of clothes that didn't come from a department store, and still after a decade my favorite book on the subject. Much more enjoyable to read than Flusser, who by comparison sounds like he is rattling of the bylaws of a local HOA when he isn't strictly talking about the (admittedly very interesting) history of men's clothing.
Mao collar jacket, shaved head, stuffed cat.
Those are awesome- please take some more pics of that tooling, it looks like some of the best I've seen.
Green sueded croc to walk the dogs? Damn, dude, what do you wear when you are trying to peacock?
Anyone been to one of the opening parties? Is it worth going?
Always struck me as one of those "if you have to ask..." propositions. There are a few guys on here who pull it off, but it is definitely graduate-level stuff to not look completely affected.
+1 to buying too much too fast. The single most important thing other than that is to find a good local tailor, especially if you are trying to save by thrifting/ebaying. Also, as others have said, find what you want and get that, rather than what is in the clearance rack. It's definitely cheaper in the long run.
Kilgour Trout? Is the shop owned by Kurt Vonnegut?
How do these fit vs, say, AE park aves? TTS?
I'll second this- have taken a number of suits and jackets to Hamza, and been extremely impressed every time. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
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