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Given the wealth of context you've provided us with, I'm going to just go ahead and assume you are likely a wealthy playboy with a penchant for spear fishing in the south pacific and a personal jet. I'd suggest harpooning a stingray and seeing if edward green can do an MTO galway boot with the hides. They will likely oblige for the right price. [[SPOILER]]
Absolutely killing it. .
Condom holster. Your wife might not appreciate it, but your girlfriend likely will.
Isn't suitsupply opening an SF store? Either way, their return policy is great, and they certainly cater to the ectomorphic among us. Definitely rather fashion forward though.
Magnanni aren't horrid, they just aren't typically worth the price. AE and Loake are typically better options in that price range. Your bigger problem, at least with those that you linked isn't that you have huge feet, but that you appear to be blind.
Anyone try the drake's version ? It looks nice enough, but I am curious about the quality on a jacket that costs about the same as one of their nicer ties.
Last I heard Alden recrafting had a 2 month+ wait on recrafting. B. Nelson might be a better option, and a few bucks cheaper. Don't let that cobbler touch your shoes again.
Best tux accessory is unquestionably an attractive date on your arm. Black tie almost always seems better done when it has a minimum of peacockery.
To echo what others have said- don't make them match, unless you are buying the suits for them. I told mine to just wear their best suit and spend the money they otherwise would on a tux renatal or something and get it tailored. While I didn't plan on having them match in any way, the wife insisted on matching ties for the groomsmen, which were a nice striped silk knit, which worked out better than I thought. I'd also second the kent wang wedding tie suggestion, at least...
I'm in a similar position, though maybe not as dramatically. Honestly, I found a few ways to approach the "problem" (generally, I'd say that having long legs is an advantage when dressing) 1) I try to wear a jacket / suit whenever possible (obvious, but maybe not practical) 2) Pleats break up the otherwise vast expanse of the front of your pants, as well as being more comfortable in my opinion. Depending on your body type, they also let you get away with something more...
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