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[[SPOILER]] What kind of boots are these? Pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.
I've bought a couple of pairs at the Alden shop in chinatown/penn quarter, a very solid selection there, and some cool make-ups.
Also in DC here- suit, heavy scarf, and warm gloves do the trick if you are moving around (walking to metro vs driving) Best I've found so far- main differentiation is higher quality fabric (a substantial 95 cotton/ 5 spandex), and construction that actually holds up beyond a few washes. Not cheap, but certainly not Zimmileri(sp?)
Is a wooster ghillie suit entirely made of camo, cigarettes, and white vibram soles, or is it more like a 11/10ths scale nick wooster costume that I could hide in (for a normal sized person, maybe a 13/10 scale)? Either would be excellent, and I would pitch in for the kickstarter.
I'm fairly certain this is only SF-approved with an Eric Glennie tie.
Goddamn. That's spectacular.
I almost feel bad for going with a standard round engagement ring now- that is *awesome*. Congratulations.
Do you have any experience with this stuff? Two pillows and a duvet work out to something like $11k for my bed. I'm a believer in splurging on where you sleep, but seriously, am I missing something? I get that it's very rare, but it's also a full order of magnitude more expensive than a high quality goose down comforter.
Gonna be very tough to get that in your price range with that timeline, depending on how set you are on the full canvas part. Kent Wang might be able to accommodate that timeline, but it would certainly be tight I'd think. Suitsupply would probably be a good option, but their full canvas is more like 1k, and I dont think they sell anything with a center vent. It might be possible to find a southwick or samuelsohn on sale that would cover all your bases, but chances are...
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