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yes i am
so great to come to this thread for advice on how to become a middle manager and for hotel advice near penn station
Love the walker brothers. Lately, and always, pretty much the national, okkervil river and neutral milk hotel.
looks like...um...apc
westbrook will leave, harden 2.0. is the world's greatest #2 option but will be a shitty #1 option for some team that overpays, i'll bet the lakers. durant seems like he will retire with one jersey
my buddy keeps wrestling indies and doing dark matches for wwe. i think he may have missed his shot but i have a ton of respect for him, works as an accountant, helps take care of his mom, drives hours to indie shows and has 3 kids at home to deal with. trains as hard as anyone I have ever seen.
different, more like the full grain calf from a few years ago, similar weight but the oiled calf has almost no grain
you need a 56 ur shit outta luck. i tried it today
never worked for me at all. shot it, ate it, drank it. nothing. and i am allergic to EQ
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