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Most truly quality brands are boring as fuck to wear
depends on what kind of leather
feeling like a 19th century pimp
fairly fitted like any well cut fleece sweatshirt
i've said it before but ccp is best on a hanger. imagine flying in a ccp leather. i have scars on my elbow from the 3 months i wore the fencing jacket
use your math skills to get into AI which is heavily math driven. its the way tech is going. automation companies are half the companies i work with now
shit pic. eg flannel from '12 eg over parka in rip stop eg type 6 jeans nike flyknit racers
Unfortunately no but I think they make one like it every season check told or okinni
i just found a brown one in my closet it is indeed silent/damir doma
yes its about the same weight and feel, very nice
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