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the cheaper leathers (LGI, basic calf, in the $1800-2400 range) are made in moldova and the better quality lathers (usually $2500+) are made in italy. he should just make the basic leathers drkshdw and drop them to $1500 he'd make a killing
if you don't care about colors they can be had for $79. thats what my son's aau team gave them to play in last season.
^get the hyper rev while you can, really good to play ball in. kobe 9 high still the best though
LGI has been around for seasons and seasons. So apparently you're clueless and a hypocrite. Enjoy your sale priced item fucknuts. And enjoy your time on SZ, everyone of import is gone anyway, now it's 22 year olds asking what to cop and worshipping at the altar of the dwarf.
Ha I thought I was a thrift shopper and you were the expert but you don't know the leather codes?
he makes mainline detroit cut flannel jeans that are not drkshdw but thats about it
that is way too small the s/s plasticky oiled calf will not stretch IME
lack of leather must mean cheaper to produce
i'd buy either
also designer collars boost numbers
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