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it actually doesn't show in melo's statistics, his scoring is down like less than 2 points off career averages and his rebounds and assists are at exactly career average. this thread is astonishing in how little people know about basketball outside of box scores.
yes eye test, he's taking entire halves off, not playing hard or good d much if the time.
No it's actually not. Do you think Carmelo was having a good season?
chris paul is only having a good season in the stats listings, this is the worst season I've ever seen him play and his teammates hate playing with him.
yeah sad i was a big fan of his as a kid. his suspension really fucked up my strat-o-matic basketball season
no i mean i am off to the leather shop because i caught it on a door
Caught my leather ma1 on a door off to the leather shop
its fine but nothing amazing really, that hat has to go
i got my breds for 200 and the shadows for 200 cause they have a hard time selling size 14 at sole exchange
breds and nycs shit all over these i am selling these to the highest bidder, didn't even get my own size cause i wanted to be able to sell. retarded that i can get geobaskets with the sky high resale price on a sub $200 shoe
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