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It is
new jordan quality is excellent
getting out of hand, this doesnt include my oldest son's 50 jordans and 20 Kobes
adidas is starting to annoy me, trying too hard, they will fail. everyone gets a lick or 5 of nike's asshole
IMO any of his non blistered spring weight leathers are kinda shit. i wish i could punch everyone selling oiled calf leathers under the guise of them being the famed f/w oiled calf
light weekend of shopping got bw flyknit racer, mc lunarlon, nyc 1, oreo 4, pearl 4 for the wife, kyrie all stars for the kids and a bunch of the nyc all star clothing. just got him from the practice and got anthony davis and wiggins autographs too
had an FSR of the bw flyknit racer today at nike flatiron
Thanks p you are correct it was a super douche move. Congrats you have 70k for a car. Wouldn't a picture have been better?
People here also get excited about buying mmm gats should I leave them alone too
Bugger off I'm trying to ruin his excitement so just let me at it. And it is actually not lamer than a boxster
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