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i got my breds for 200 and the shadows for 200 cause they have a hard time selling size 14 at sole exchange
breds and nycs shit all over these i am selling these to the highest bidder, didn't even get my own size cause i wanted to be able to sell. retarded that i can get geobaskets with the sky high resale price on a sub $200 shoe
the xl was huge on me and my chest is 49 and my arms are 21.5
^yeah for day to day wear, can't play in them too bulky. gonna get the billy hoyles too
im logged in but don't see anything on sale
13 were ok, i returned them for a 14 today but they were pretty tts
i need a 46, no dice, increasingly they aren't being reduced either as they're a repeated item season after season.
how is this still here thought everyone loves EG here
size down .5-1 size
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