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like you watched out the window for your dad for years but he never came back
dude you are a sad-ass fucking troll
a store that sells rick
i had no idea all saints was still in business
new hyper dunk elite are amazing, thats what 2 of my sons play in and get from nike eybl
No ma1 except the embroidered ones
Very good selection of you asked the right people was able to get a shearling for $1500 for me and one for the wife and a leather for my son for $700 from a proxy as I was out of town. Footwear extremely limited mostly adidas collabs.
well he didn't. i don't want to derail but i had shipping issues with a few things everyone got their stuff or got a refund. non story
ha yeah it was cutting my forearms its a beautiful jacket but for me was more a collectible and not good for a daily driver. but again outstanding execution
who contributes like 2 people on this thread actually know anything. you basically are using a puppet account to troll me if that fulfills your otherwise pathetic existence wearing clothes in your basement with your real doll, by all means...
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