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100k probably not enough around here for spending money.
and about 5 million dollars to go to be set for retirement. thank god it looks like at least two of my sons will play basketball for a college for free. at some point i am sure i will start selling off some of the nonsense i've collected
most of it i got on secondary market or sold some old stuff to get newer or older stuff. i think the only thing i ever paid full retail for were the combat boots, my original geo jacket and the heavy calf stooges.
shit wish they had a 54
i don't know how tall you are but not too old i actually think older dudes look best in e.g., yohji, craig green, etc. I'm 40 i wear rick and eg a lot theres a certain fuck it/confidence that comes with getting older
I'm a fan of what he's doing but I'm too big and broad for his stuff.
I'm a completionist and probably have aspergers. I have 3000 marvel legends action figures and 400 pairs of Jordan's
agreed its consistently shit. it's all built on 2 decent hedi collections
it's made to disintegrate its part of the ethos all my rick cashmere has tears i wear it like that. the more expensive leathers are very well made as is all my outerwear, pants, etc. i have 350+ rick items and only one required repair (broken zipper pull)
Most truly quality brands are boring as fuck to wear
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