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well he didn't. i don't want to derail but i had shipping issues with a few things everyone got their stuff or got a refund. non story
ha yeah it was cutting my forearms its a beautiful jacket but for me was more a collectible and not good for a daily driver. but again outstanding execution
who contributes like 2 people on this thread actually know anything. you basically are using a puppet account to troll me if that fulfills your otherwise pathetic existence wearing clothes in your basement with your real doll, by all means...
you can suck my balls you think i give a shit? i'm trying to give advice since nearly no on in this thread knows a fucking thing about rick. i make your annual salary in a month i'm a real idiot.
i had it and sold it so uncomfortable its almost unwearable
banned for backing out on a trade? you didnt send me anything so not sure how this inconvenienced you
i have them in blue, size 13
He was paid ask him
is it ok for a new member to join specifically to troll someone and follow them around online with negatives when they have no proof theyve had any transactions with you?
ok youve got a deal. i specifically posted local meet up only so there are no issues.
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