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you need a 56 ur shit outta luck. i tried it today
never worked for me at all. shot it, ate it, drank it. nothing. and i am allergic to EQ
yeah i find it helps improve vascularity and hardness
fuck i need a new stooges
yeah test turinabol and deca is doing nicely
just fucking around dude. i avoid tren now, too scary
i need more detail by a lot and am back on traps since my piched nerve resolves but i think my back might be wide enough now
i dunno i have a pool so i do about 75 laps in the morning every day and another 75 at night on off days. all depends on your goals i guess
they both have bodies like dog shit. lyle looks like a 3rd rate harold ramie. anyway, i just took a big step, hiring a coach. am thinking i will compete in masters NPC as 40 approaches. i think i am about a year away. have to improve glutes and legs but with chest striated and 51" at 218, arms at 20.5", if I get to 255-260 i should be pretty massive and be able to place well on mass alone. most people have said they guessed i am around 240 now so i can carry a lot of lbs.
yeah i swim for cardio. treadmills are for housewives
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