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haha yeah i could see that. i'm just selling a few redundant things, probably don't need 10 black viscose tees or 16 winter coats
sad how? i wear rick to work and everywhere else except the gym. i obviously can afford it without issue
dude, im 40 with 3 kids two of whom are on nike eybl teams i spend all my time in the gym or in a gym watching basketball sorry i don't map to your ethos of fashionz
I'd rather not
no just have 500 pieces and no social life so may as well share the wealth
ha just depends on the mood i am in all rick right now
hit me up on PM I have tons of stuff
yes alders go well with e.g. too
i like the 1940 or red wings i may be in the minority but i think paraboot look like nurse's shoes
you cannot alter something to make it bigger. spring summer rick blazers are small to size (54=52), fall/winter fit is true to size usually
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