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hi all- my navy moleskin bed for arrived, size xl. doesnt fit, would like to sell rather than having to return. please let me know if interested within 48 hours i'd just like to get what i paid.
hi all, i have a rick leather and down-filled ma-1. my wife bought me a canada goose for my birthday so am letting this go. size 56 but fits more like a 54 IMO. $4360 new, over 3.2k even on sale on the rick store. will send pics to those interested. thanks.
Branching out some Schneider, some old mmm again even jil era jil
being on sf and off sz has been liberating. nearing 40, there is more to life than rick.
nike outlet is insane sometimes 4 hoodies 2 jaquard air max 90s air max sneaker boots from last season 2 down coats 12 tees 4 pairs of joggers $375
yeah the one i sold like a moron
there's none they appear upside down on mobile for some reason
I find them to fit low and big to tts I have a 36 that is a full 2.5-3 inches too large for me. I wish the rise was a bit higher same problem with the aircuts
kopped 6s
navy moleskin for under 300
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