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eating super clean next 2-3 weeks: bulletproof coffee, 3x a day 4 eggs, kale, cheese and avocado with red potatoes 3 chicken thighs with kale and grapefruit 1 rib eye with mixed greens w/red wine vinegar 3 shakes with whey/casein blend, cinnamon, half banana, water + heavy cream 2 chicken breasts with 2 cups brown rice and kale 1 bowl chex cereal after workout
there is non he didn't like being called a dickhole
the backstory is the OP is an asshole.
Hope all your dreams are realized and you find the cheap ugly bomber jacket of your dreams
fuck are you sure those are pradas and not geox?
yup. i am a 14 us in nike and a uk 11 in these
some organic virgin shit from whole foods
it seems like it hits me the wrong way every once in a while
i love my s/s rick adidas and the f/w edition just arrived at home but dunno about any of these
the often neglected result of coconut oil consumption is oily diarrhea
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