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i really may give up on designer shit when i see this, they didn't even bother to redesign them this season, spring blades are $55 in the adidas store
^yes the heavy calf is pretty good to my recollection
ill think about the black gums, you will never get that for the WTK they are on shelves at every foot locker still
how much for each?
i am trying not to buy much of anything these days but i think crust was the last season of genuinely good quality. i think quality gets conflated with design here sometimes. i mean if you are a real leather whore, you wouldn't find any rick impressive aside from the reversed cow. the made in moldova ones from the last few seasons are definitely cheaper in feel than the stag/crust ones. the rick exploder from stag i have is a beautiful leather; the bauhaus I had from f/4...
you were correct he is a king-sized internet asshole IME
^ albeit poorly, that was the point i was trying to make. melo's advanced stats are putrid even though the glamour stats look the same.
a while though i am not a knicks fan. i guess two years ago when they won 54 games
new spoon is really good
you are amazed people in a basketball thread watch basketball?
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