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If slp sneakers are a Grail kill urself hedi and his talent died like 6-7 years ago
189.99 didn't notice sizes
nope sorry the black and gum
The outlet by me has them now
I'm getting on line for a ticket at 6am on the 14th. if i convince someone to come i'll grab a ticket for someone
i like the rolled sleeves on the navy with a bit of paisley poking out
Kobe snakeskin are sitting on shelves all over nyc
shit pic, eg bedford, eg flannel, unseen eg workaday jeans and flyknit oreos
big list this month for me and the kids: jordan 11 legends blue pantone pack command force jordan 1 black w/gum sole kobe 9 black on black kd 7
in japan you can find the knit sleeves but not here as far as i know
New Posts  All Forums: