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you have the link i always get them but didn't this time
jabari will be ROY he's the most ready
there's just a paucity of talent. there really are only 15 players who can make a franchise and another 10-15 true stars. after that its arizas and players like that
one of my favorites ever but he will never leave dallas. 2nd best coach in the game, great owner, they just have missed out on some key signings. outside shot at melo.
you guys are funny. where the fuck was dirk going to go at 36? he has a ring, has made plenty of money and is loyal.mav for life.
everywhere. aside from silent, his stuff sells even worse than raf simons
i guess its just too easy to leverage technique over gains when you practice a few specific lifts.
odin, jesus or mohammed.
no one ever got big on singles. i love stuff like dog shit that is cumulative. i will say i watched dorian yates work out, he did about 3 warm ups and 5 working sets for chest and was done but the poundages would make everyone here piss their panties
depends how they got it to be brown http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2013/06/health-is-brown-rice-really-better-than-white-rice-myth.html
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