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i will probably play basketball in them like normal person.
the gap between lebron and kd is smaller than ever. kd is not a special passer but has become an effective one. i know you can only compare black players to black players per pop culture but he's like a more athletic dirk IMO
so i'd gone up to 245 again and have been training clean 3 months now, dropped back to 217. a little flank fat to get rid of but pleased with progress. every bodypart gets hit 2x a week plus 5x cardio (20 minutes hiit)
i have that suit i really like it
boots are intriguing, everything else is shit like it has been for 6 years
^i have a grey one for sale, from 2010, much better leather
i meant he should be sorry for his ignorance
you should be lol
the foams actually required a new mold that cost in the millions, the old molds were destroyed
wish i got the all white
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