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an intarsia
^free. traded 56 for 56
welcome to 2006
lol mine came today. what size u get?
lol at most here having gains to show.
rick leather and down ma-1 drkshdw jeans and tee OG rick dunks alexander wang chung tonight neoprene and down parka rest is same shit
anyone care to explain why every time i tweak my back in the gym, i get a sinus infection within a day or two?
from where?
The wang h&m stuff is pretty nice irl, surprisingly so as long as you avoid the heavily logo'don't stuff
well kyrie and dion, not good. Love and LeBron look visibly pissed, i'd be shocked if waiters survives the trade deadline. kyrie misses or ignored more open men than any pg i can think of, westbrook included. the offense looks terrible. they can still win the east but i hope lebron is just trying to prove a point.
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