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where the white bitches and $15 GATs at?
yeah wasn't being a cock trying to be helpful cause the sizing is so fucked up. i have pants 48-54, jackets 52-58
this is not really true the viscose and cashmere pods and drawstring pants for tts or even a bit small. poplin fit the largest ime
very femme
can't decide if i like them or not. this season's tomato red is pretty dope btw, i just picked up a tee a tank and a viscose long sleeve
arms a bit baggy but the rest looks great. with rick it seems you either get the perfect arm fit and too big a body or vice versa but i prefer this approach with a bit more room in the arms. nice jacket and congrats
i'd kill for that color
i like the tech knit stuff i feel like a 3rd rate mma fighter when i wear it out of the house
I like them but the instep is a little low so they are a bit rough if wearing for extended periods of time
Haha back again with another username don't worry you'll be banner again today
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