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often not but the quality discussion is ludicrous anyway i mean even stuff from uniqlo holds up ok so unless you are mountaineering or playing contact sports in your clothes they should be of sufficient quality.
new junya collections is beautiful
Careful with the long shirts this season they fit like maternity clothes
you're bad at this
your too polite. its called fucking engineered garments. thats like asking if quality is good quality
are you serious?
If you're a little dicked person with size 8 feet you'll never get too big. I guess I just take my genetic superiority for granted
olympic lifters suck. hypertrophy ftw
i think thats a solid hypothesis
i hate to sound like a dick but i look at some of the members in the sW&D thread and wonder what kind of genetic junk pool some people come from. how do grown men have 34" chests and size 8 feet?
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