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LGI has been around for seasons and seasons. So apparently you're clueless and a hypocrite. Enjoy your sale priced item fucknuts. And enjoy your time on SZ, everyone of import is gone anyway, now it's 22 year olds asking what to cop and worshipping at the altar of the dwarf.
Ha I thought I was a thrift shopper and you were the expert but you don't know the leather codes?
he makes mainline detroit cut flannel jeans that are not drkshdw but thats about it
that is way too small the s/s plasticky oiled calf will not stretch IME
lack of leather must mean cheaper to produce
i'd buy either
also designer collars boost numbers
I wear 46 in Rick and alden and Augusta but 14 in sneakers usually depending on model. For the Jordan 6s 13.5 would have been perfect
^can he wear them if he has a cold or upper respiratory infection?
i'm a 14 its no fun
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