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might be time to give powerlifting a try for shits and giggles. i benched 535 last night after hitting 505 for 3 good clean reps. squat is back up to about 500 and i pulled 625 twice this week.
http://www.elitefeet.com/are-you-an-average-man Where do you guys stack up? average is 5'9, 175, with 13 inch biceps and a 40 inch chest, waist 34" ( a lie no doubt) I am 6'2, 235, 20.75" arms and a 52" chest. waist is 35".
what a fucking fascinating tale
sorry i missed coffee, got jammed up out of town for the day but had to call this out as steranko is a fucking boss, greatest visual storyteller in comic history
went to the local church fair and saw literally every non doernbecher jordan ever
are these nike ID only?
go naked
found one http://www.nationalbraceandsplint.com/product.asp?itemid=315&gclid=Cj0KEQjwo82eBRCR1Yr2u-G-sK8BEiQAbrSjVC2DSabAjY3G3cEIUVGHOsmkkNAAzYL4XFGD8L8tjskaArfG8P8HAQ
the new trainers are pretty bad with those weird triangles on them
no i can button but i don't know what your waist is like, mine is pretty small relative to the rest of me
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