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leg opening will be smaller than on berlins
i can't see the white stains but it looks ok otherwise. some jerk off on ebay is selling a geo covered in sharpie for $900. i don't know what people do to their belongings
mine are pretty crinkly
hammered lamb is more crinkly or crackled i would say where the full grain is more a traditional leather
my company is very casual but the rick stuff is not classically formal so i don't think single or double matters that much it really only effects the fit and they are all one button anyway
i have several but the sizing is so inconsistent i keep all the ones that actually fit. look on grilled i saw a few at reasonable prices but i'd recommend sizing up for spring/summer as they tend to run small. i wear 56 in s/s and 54 in f/w
Probably not I wear them with Rick adidas lows
where is it stocked?
the berlin sweatpants have no drop crotch
haha ill get rick on here and shit will get real
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