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yeah i have them in black too but was itching for some brown/beige footwear as i bought a lot of the mustard-colored stuff this fall. i would say camel is a more accurate description of the color.
just picked up these mustard colored combats
was a lot of love for lanvin sneakers in 2010.
i never have but i guess you could, depends on your instep, i have a high instep
i like this, i'm down
i am a 46 in all rick footwear fwiw don't make an expensive purchase you will regret better a bit too big than a b9t too small
i have them u cannot tuck them under slim boots the tops are pretty loose
true to size
you guys have a lot of bad luck with yoox i think I've ordered 100 items from them without issue
yeah i stocked up on torrance last time they were on sale i have both detroit and berlins and don't see a big difference in recent years i'm a 33 or 34 in both used to be a 32 in berlin and a 35 in detroit I'm a 33 in torrence
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