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if only benching made the pecs grow. i find dumbbells far superior. i used to go up to 465-485 and my chest didn't grow at all. switched to dbells and it's been growing like crazy
don't it doesn't stop anyone else from posting here
its nice but the shearling material rick uses is kinda cheap
i've had 3 stooges, trying to replace the oiled calf one for a while now
i like him but they keep refueling with the same fucking guys just different shells
site is wildy overrated and all that shit can be had on ebay for cheaper don't do it
how do you get in all these situations in massapequa? it's like the guinea riviera
you yards need to get over alp, hedi, mmm, etc. its all dead. that alp looks like a 4k schott.
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