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him and orlando bloom might wear rick worse than anyone else I've seen
haha touche but the average poster here has no swagger they have an uncanny ability to make great brands look like jc penney
i wish there was more craig green in here in fits so i could have a good laugh
well my son got the cargos in navy and olive and the crewneck in blue and clay i am a good and fiscally disastrous father
If anyone is up for a drink in sf tomorrow after 6 lemme know
nepenthes should be able to help you out
were they low? when worn too low I've had crotch blowouts
i am going to guess they were too tight and you were fooling yourself or wearing them too low which can cause a rip
^this. i wear gym clothes to the gym and am not much for street fighting so while i occasionally whack off to wood buttons and shit, i assume all my clothes are safe from disintegration
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