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went to nets cavs for my son's birthday, sat 3rd row. got lebron and waiters and varejao to sign. when kyrie saw my son in a lebron jersey he wouldn't sign and threw his hat back lol. waiters was the nicest guy ever took pics with my son and signed a bunch of stuff. anderson was super nice too. love is a cock, walked past everyone, only player who wouldn't sign. i'll be going a lot next year just secured season tickets in section 15 which is about 12 feet off the court...
i dunno i have a very narrow waist might help somewhat. i should clarify the wool/herringbone ones fit me much better than other fabrics
I'm gonna phone order the details. Got the black gum 1s at flight 23 today, bred 13s coming Saturday and then online 5am Sunday for the Pantone pack and columbias
i'm a 48/49 chest, xl bedford works, every other style is pee wee herman status on me
K let's get back to biz
lol, no one is as big as me. just let it go, shut the fuck up already.
keep talking and you will be doing all your communicating with a keyboard. sorry about your fucking hat and sorry i disrespected your buddy rick's customers. enjoy your life. i have to go disrespect rick's lives work now.
nay, too much good shit coming
crazy quick thats it
showing interest and not buying is pulling a fast one? why the fuck would you open a paypal investigation in reverse you really must be stupider even than you come across here. fuck you and fuck your beanie which i don't remember allegedly purchasing. do you know how many people say they will buy something from me on here and flake? countless. don't act like i stole something from you but i am about to fedex a foot up your ass. just shut your fucking mouth and quit your...
New Posts  All Forums: