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bump, c'mon guys, it's half the price of Gilt.
passed on the blue 6s tonight, they just looked seinfeldian got the boys the 3m futures and isa kobe lows
holy shit i need that fair isle blazer
my company pays us all $100/month for gym/yoga/massage/whatever
well, currently at 228. chest broke 50", (50.75") arms cold at 20.85", figure I will get to 21" by mid september, true waist at around 35". been doing 500 reps per body part, all reps at around 40-50% of 1rep max after a month of heavy training and basically somewhere between 3500-4250 kcal per day.
those are garbage, people will buy anything
most rick has a bell shape
memphis is a style, not a cut. they have the accordion inserts and the front flap berlin size 34" have a 35-36" waist detroit 34" have a 32-33" waist and lower rise
calf in a box is veal
still have this by any chance?
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