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a dress on a 5'6 190 lb man sounds fucking aces
^dammit! a day too late, i placed an order yesterday
what size?
weird I'm an xl in tees and xxl in villain why did u size down?
how is that a joke? you put something in your cart, don't transact and expect it to be waiting there for you? smh
i'm 6'2, 237 and xxl villains fit me, tees and tanks xl are plenty big. i wear xxl in the escobars but can get away with an xl
the quality of the day to day basics has definitely gotten better
i don't even understand how a dud could be a size 7 my 10 year old wears a 7
i wear rick sneakers or jordans
I'm 6'2 with a 6.975" wingspan. sleeves hate me
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