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KD wearing blood colored rick ma-1 during post game
i have a 6'9 wingspan. also, they thought the member who bought the xxl was me. lol
i guess you just cockblocked me was waiting for call back
should size up one imd and one size down for berlins
any idea what jacket this is on the video screen in the nab style post?
shit even better. i'd like the navy and at 30% off...
fuck if they meant the brown homespun i'll be there when they open
had no idea there was a navy homespun bedford
Wiggins is really passive from what I've seen doesn't look special
we were on other side by cavs bench but i got a pretty good look. she looks like an average to pretty typical british chick in her early 30s. not like stop you in your tracks pretty or anything. the prince's bald spot is like manu x 2
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